Home Care vs. Adult Foster Care vs. Assisted Living

Updated on August 28, 2023

In the case of aged individuals, the decision to get them assisted is a tedious task. It requires a good deal of research and proper attention to various key factors that will help you to make a judicious decision. When it comes to the key features of home care, adult foster care, and assisted living, it is essential to make a note that each of these facilities has its specific benefits. However, they have a particular methodology of helping the aged individuals who need further evaluation so that you can provide your senior parents with the right care.

All you need to know about home care

  • When it comes to home care, keep in mind that in-home care provides professional services that allow a person to live safely in their house. Home Care Services are ideal for managing chronic health issues, catering to specific needs like disability, and recovering from the medical set back to live independently. 
  • They provide for different aids, therapies, and nursing facilities on both a short-term and long-term basis. For this reason, New York home care agenciesare gaining increasing popularity as they provide different types of home care facilities, which encompass personal care and companionship, home healthcare, and private duty nursing care. 
  • On a broader spectrum, home care may be a methodology for achieving the highest quality of life. It may enable security, safety, and increased independence. Home care includes companionship, assistance with safety managing tasks around the house, therapy, rehabilitated services, and long term or short term nursing care.

 When it comes to personal care and companionship, the professionals try to help the individual with everyday activities like meal preparation, bathing, and dressing. In private duty nursing care, they usually provide long-term assistance for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses and disabilities. Lastly, home healthcare services are short-term services designed to help individuals recovering from illnesses during a hospital stay. 

A proper understanding of adult foster care

  • Adult foster care refers to any maintenance that gets provided inside a home-based environment to the elderly. It may get designed for individuals suffering from intellectual or developmental disabilities, which affect their ability to live independently. Adult foster care usually encompasses assisting with daily activities, including cleaning tasks, personal grooming, and dressing, walking and climbing stairs, meal preparation, shopping, running errands, and managing medications. 
  • It is a kind of domiciliary care, elderly foster care; small group assisted living or adult family care. You may get it in houses with seven or fewer residence. It also ensures personal safety as they prevent any self-harm behavior and wandering.
  • Adult foster care provides different levels of care depending upon the needs and requirements of the individual. The residence usually has their living quarters in small buildings with access to assistance on a 24/7 basis.
  • There is a difference between nursing homes and adult foster care based on the availability of staff. The adult foster care does have staff available on a 24/7 basis, but they are not necessarily awake. It is because the needs of the care center’s residence are not as complicated as nursing homes. 

Adult foster care provides an individual with as much independence as is possible. There is a focus on the quality of safety and care provided. They have a petite patient to caregiver ratio, thereby providing personal level care. It is beneficial for those individuals who are suffering from health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes. Moreover, adult foster care is less expensive in comparison to nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Benefits of assisted living you must know

  • Various assisted living communities are operating all across the world for serving aged individuals. They provide continuous care with independent living, assistance for daily activities, and memory care options. The assisted living facilities benefit individuals suffering from depression and anxiety as they get an opportunity to live in a community environment with staff and friends. 
  • Moreover, there are provisions for social events that help to develop an active outlook towards life. 
  • Hence, they also give due attention to daily living activities, including hygiene, medication, bathing, dressing, and more. They provide round the clock care for individuals and thereby are a reliable option for them.

Based on the benefits which each of the options provides for their patients, you may try to anticipate which option would be better for you. It is only after thorough research and a detailed understanding of each option that you may make a reliable decision. It will have positive implications on both the physical and mental health of the aged individual. They have different provisions for treating disease, which you must pay attention to before choosing one. You cannot decide in haste when it comes to caring for your aged parents. Therefore choose wisely as per your budget and illness of your parents. 

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