Finding The Right Care Home In 2021 – Things To Consider

Updated on December 9, 2021

Finding the right care home in 2021 for you or a loved one can be difficult, but it is a crucial decision you need to make. The right care home should have everything for you or your relative, and it should be affordable and suitable.

You will find this article helpful in helping you get the proper care home for you or your loved ones, and you will also have an idea on a few questions to ask the staff when you eventually visit a care home. 

Step One – All Options Options Needs To Be Considered

Making up your mind to move into a care home isn’t all about changing where you reside. It is mostly about the costs and affordability, so it is okay for you first to consider the least expensive and least disruptive options. 

Step Two – Have A Clear Understanding Of All the Types Of Home Available 

The type of services a care home offers includes

  1. Providing care for any person that cannot live on their own temporarily
  2. Permanent residence

Care homes are of two types for people who cannot live independently, and they are called residential homes and nursing homes. The residential homes vary from small to large care homes, and they offer people personal care and a place to live all day and all night. In addition, staff working in the residential homes helps residents with the toilet, food, dressing, and washing. 

On the other hand, nursing care homes provide the same services as residential care homes, and they also offer twenty-four-hour care services by a qualified nurse. In addition, other care homes provide care for people with special needs, severe disabilities or dementia, and the Care Quality Commission is tasked with regulating care homes, ensuring they provide both types of services. 

Step Three – Be Clear About Funding Your Care

Your local authority might support you if you need one, but how much you will get from your local authority depends on how much you can afford and the total cost of your care. It is the legal duty of your local authority to find out the cost of your care. You can also qualify for the free NHS continuing healthcare funding if you have serious medical problems. 

Step Four – Search For A Suitable Home

The care home you go for must be the best for you. It is vital you know about the location of the care home, the types of services provided, and how much moving into a care home will cost. Reading the CQC inspection results is vital, and the NHS website provides people with a handy tool they can use in searching for care homes around them. 

Step Five – Making A Good Choice     

How can you decide if the care home you have selected is the right one for you, and there are about eight indicators that will help you make the right choice? These indicators for a good care home includes;

  • Having staff with skills and time to get any job done
  • Having a visible and robust management
  • Having a good idea of every resident and knowing how their needs will be met
  • If the care home offers various programs and activities
  • Offer flexibility, choice, and quality of meal times and meals
  • If the care home provides residents with the opportunity to meet with medical professionals
  • Accommodate the lifestyle, cultural, and personal needs of each resident
  • If the care home runs an open environment where questions and feedback are allowed

If you, a relative, or a friend wants to move to a care home, there should be a checklist of what you want or expect from a care home. For example, it is okay to find out what healthcare you have access to, staff ratio to students, the activities the care home offers residents, and if the care home offers a trial period before paying and moving in. 

Most of the care homes in Liverpool will match the standards and requirements you expect from a care home, and if you intend to visit a care home on behalf of someone, take note of the kind of questions on their checklist.

Choosing the proper care home is a fundamental responsibility for anyone, and it becomes more complicated if the health of your loved one deteriorates by the day. You might be under pressure to decide in a hurry, but consider all of the tips we have put together in this guide, and you will end up making the right choice. 

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