5 Benefits of Learning First Aid

Updated on October 2, 2021

First aid is a skill that more people should take the time to learn. An accident or injury could occur out of the blue and at any point during a day, whether you are at work, home, or out in public. Being the person who knows what to do might seem intimidating, but there are many benefits to learning first aid. 

Genuinely saves lives

Within a very short time of starting a first aid training course, you will learn that it really can save lives. While you might think your first aid skills will be limited to cuts and grazes, the course will offer lifesaving training and equip you with the confidence needed to respond to a situation requiring CPR – a critical and time-sensitive skill if someone has a cardiac arrest or has stopped breathing. Your knowledge and skill could be the difference between life and death for that patient. 

Workplaces are safer

Having first aid knowledge is beneficial to an employer as well as to the individual. While every effort is made to offer staff a safe environment, as we have already mentioned, an accident or injury can happen at any time. Having a workforce trained in first aid can reduce the accident potential because the extra knowledge creates a safer environment. It also gives employees the confidence to speak up if they think there is something worth improving in terms of working practices or the surroundings when it comes to safety.

Patients recover faster

Should the worst happen, and an incident arises that requires an ambulance and hospital support, the first aider on the scene is the key person to give the patient the most accessible road to recovery. Knowing what to do if someone has a fit or experiences an injury with excessive blood loss can dramatically improve the prognosis and help the patient significantly. We have already covered the vital timesaving window needed with CPR, so first aid knowledge does make a lot of sense. 

Knowledge is power 

Many people avoid first aid training because they feel this makes them responsible, and they don’t want that burden. However, the opposite is true. Knowledge gives you the ability to respond with a calmness that can only benefit the situation. For example, if you happen to be the only person on the scene of an accident or injury, it is better to know what to do than end up panicked and unsure. Whether you end up helping a colleague, friend, family member, or stranger, you will be glad you know what to do if the worst happens. 

Builds comradery

First aid training is the perfect team-building exercise, and this is why many employers choose to run the training as part of the working week. It helps staff to get to know each other as they learn skills that benefit them all. As a result, everyone will feel safer in the workplace because everyone has essential lifesaving skills. Gone are the days of a nominated first aider; now, it is better to have your whole team trained in first aid skills. 

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