Baby Boomers’ Publisher Discusses How Social Media Enhanced His Brand


If you’re just beginning to explore social media for your organization, why don’t you view the video below to learn how Harvey Kart, publisher of Western Pennsylvania Hospital News, and, used social media to make an impact on his brand.


  1. Hi Harvey,
    Really enjoyed watching the video about success with social media. You went to work, addressed problems and succeeded in your current ventures as well as adding new ones. Congrats!

  2. Hi Harvy. It’s great to see and “hear” you on your website. I’ve bought a UPS Store in Bethel Park this past year, and I am just starting to “wade” into social media, as you say. It’s good to hear someone from my generation talk about its benefits. I think time to spent keeping things current is usually a concern, especially for small business owners who wear many hats, but I think it something that will be worth the effort, particulary when marketing to the upcoming generations. Best of luck!

    Bill Poutous

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