A Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Personal Care Aide

Updated on August 24, 2022
Two helpers picking up disabled senior woman in wheelchair for transport

Becoming a personal care aide can be one of the most promising ways of making big money. It’s always a high-demand profession as the number of senior citizens who find professional care increases daily. Therefore, becoming a personal care aide enables you to connect with more clients, thus making a lot of revenue. As a result, you’ll likely boost your financial freedom within no time.

That said, there are several steps you should follow to offer professional care aide services. These include:

  • Acquire Relevant Education And Training 

The first and the most crucial step to becoming a personal care aide is to acquire the relevant education and training. That enables you to acquire the proper knowledge and skills necessary for the job. 

You don’t need to acquire a Ph.D. to become a personal care aide. You only need to acquire a minimum of a high school diploma. However, advancing your career further may help you to become more competitive.

Besides, furthering your education ensures you get advanced knowledge to handle customers. As a result, you’ll likely attract more clients to boost your revenue and profits. For that reason, you can consider acquiring an undergraduate or master’s degree in a relevant field.

Acquiring an education is easier than ever. For instance, you can enroll in personal care aide training course online. That allows you to attend class lessons at anytime, anywhere.  

Today, there are several online schools offering personal care aide training. However, not every learning institution can be suitable for you. It’s good to research to find a well-established and experienced school.

  • Obtain Certifications

After completing your education, you may want to obtain other certifications. Earning them may enable you to gain a competitive edge in the market. There are several certifications you may require as a personal care aide. One of them is a certified protection professional (CPP) certificate.

As noted earlier, becoming a personal care aide involves dealing with older adults. And some of them have health complications that may require first aid from time to time. That’s why you need to obtain a CPP certificate.

Some states may not require you to have a CPP certificate to offer personal care services. However, having it is necessary. It shows that you’ve got the training and knowledge in handling clients with emergencies. That also enables you to become competitive in the market.

Apart from CPP, you may also need to acquire first aid training and certification. That also allows you to deal with health emergencies in your clients. Therefore, before you start providing personal care to clients, you can consider obtaining CPP and first aid certificates.

  • Develop Good Personal Care Skills

Going to school enables you to gain a general knowledge of personal care aide services. However, that might not be good enough to become a good service provider. You also need to develop good personal care skills.

The good thing about obtaining good personal care skills is you don’t necessarily need to attend classes. Most of them are soft skills, and you can develop them independently. They include integrity, empathy, patience, time management, and communication skills.

Apart from that, you may also want to develop some technical skills. Some of these include cooling, housekeeping, medical knowledge, etc.

Starting A Personal Care Firm

You can consider two options when it comes to providing personal care services. That’s finding employment opportunities or starting your own firm. However, running your own company could be the best deal if you want to promote your freedom. 

Here are steps you can consider to launch your personal care firm:

  • Build A Business Plan

After obtaining relevant education and certifications, you can now create a business plan. This is a tool that can guide you in every step you want to take when providing personal care services.

Besides, a business plan can help you secure finances for your personal care services. That’s true since banks and other financial lending institutions will require you to produce it before granting you the loans you require to finance your operations.

  • Register Your Services With The State

Another important step you need to take to offer professional aside services is to register your firm with the state. This ensures you legally establish your personal care services.

You’d want to register your personal care services with the government for various reasons. First, it’s a legal requirement for professionals or any other person to register their firms with the state. Therefore, failure to register your company with the state means you’re illegally providing personal care services. And for that reason, the state government may penalize you.

Additionally, registering your personal care service firm with the government may help attract more clients. That’s important since most clients are always reluctant to sign contracts with unlisted companies. Therefore, it’d be good to list your personal care services with the state to build client trust. That increases your chances of making a lot of sales.

  • Hire The Right Staff

You can work alone to provide personal care services to clients. However, it’d be a fantastic idea to hire workers. Doing so helps offload yourself some duties, thus getting more time to find new clients and grow your firm. But you must employ the right team.

While that’s the case, hiring the right team isn’t always easy. Several people are looking for employment opportunities out there. Therefore, determining the best match for your services can be challenging. But the good news is that no single challenge in the business world has no perfect solution.

You can implement two major strategies to find the right team for your personal care company. That’s working closely with a staff recruitment agency or utilizing employee recruitment software. Employing either strategy helps screen job applicants adequately to identify the most suitable ones.

  • Develop A Marketing Plan

Today, several people are providing personal care services. That means stiff competition in the sector. So, how will you overcome the competition? The best solution could be to invest in marketing.

Marketing helps promote the visibility of your personal care services. In simple terms, it makes more people aware of your firm. As a result, you’ll likely generate many leads and sales. Make sure you develop the right marketing strategy for your personal care services.


Becoming a personal care aide can be complex. That’s true, especially if you don’t know what’s required of you. However, by following the steps above, you can become a successful professional personal caregiver.

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