Creating a More Personalised Experience for Your Healthcare Customers

Updated on March 4, 2021

Providing your customers with effective, quality care is at the heart of your profession and doubtlessly something you strive to achieve every day. Regardless of the specifics of your trade, healthcare has the patient at the heart of its entire operation and so improving their experience under your care can only be beneficial for your service going forward. However, sometimes this doesn’t mean directly improving the tools at your disposal to treat your customers; it can also mean tailoring your care to them on a personal level, taking that extra step to build trust between you.

Understandably this may feel like unfamiliar ground. Getting into healthcare is an entire service in itself, seemingly separate from the likes of other customer-facing professions which may feel more commercialised. Healthcare professions can still find themselves to be competitive, however, with customers perhaps thinking more carefully about which healthcare provider to commit to. With that in mind, creating a more personalized experience that helps them feel confident about their care could be the edge you need.

Helping Customers Choose Accessories That Suit Them

In certain medical fields, such as optometry or dentistry, there are situations where a customer may need to acquire a visible accessory for the sake of their healthcare, glasses or braces, for example. In these situations, your customer might feel anxious about how they’ll look or what the best way is to go about making it look good for them, something that you’ll be in a prime position to help out with. 

Glasses are a prime example, and there are a variety of things to consider when trying to decide which kind of frames would best suit the face of the customer. Having them sample a wide variety of options is always a good idea as it allows you both to get the best sense of the options available.

Social Prescribing for Mental Health

Depending on your profession, this might be more applicable sometimes than others, but regardless, it’s often prudent to suggest an adjustment in lifestyle to those who need it. Social prescribing is a means of mental health care where the customer is encouraged to engage with community groups to feel a wholesome sense of purpose and connection to something bigger than themselves. It may be best suited to those with long-term health conditions or people struggling with isolation and depression. It can also just do people good to get out of the house and take in some green space.

Creating a Relaxing Environment

Speaking of taking in some green space, making the environment you treat your customers a more hospitable environment could do wonders for their mood and relaxation as they’re being treated. Taking steps to make yourself less stressed will also help the atmosphere feel more welcoming to the patient, and the more relaxed they are, the more comfortable the experience as a whole will be for them. Dentist waiting rooms are known for having ambient visuals of undersea life as it presents a calming and pleasant distraction from any anticipation the customer may be feeling about their appointment.

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