A 420 Marijuana Business can be Profitable Beyond Belief, but Creativity is needed!

Updated on January 13, 2021

If thinking of starting a marijuana business a person must be familiar with not only the growth requirements but also the different types of businesses that can be started. Knowledge is needed, Lots of it, and individuals must also familiarize themselves with the terms used for a marijuana business as dealing with suppliers, distributors, and other marijuana businesses, makes this necessary. This article will start with the terminology that should be studied as well as the growing requirements.   

Marijuana has many growth requirements: 

  • The proper soil. This takes a lot of research as marijuana plants can be “fussy” about the amounts of nutrients and minerals needed in soil. The correct amounts must be followed to the letter. If necessary, it will be wise to ask other growers in the area about this, as marijuana is considered farming and marijuana farmers will exist. 
  • The best lighting. Marijuana is a plant and sufficient light is needed whether indoor or outdoor growing is done. Again, research like crazy! 
  • The correct amount of heat. Crops of any type and marijuana are a crop fail from draught, in overly hot conditions and from cold in frigid conditions. Check out the area in which you are considering planting marijuana. 
  • The types of marijuana. Although there are over 1000 varieties listed, only three main varieties are generally grown and sold for the best profits. Study the three main varieties whether starting a large or small marijuana business. 

Now for the terminology used: 

This is an important aspect as many times joint ventures occur and no partnerships will develop with an unknowledgeable “newbie.” There are many names for marijuana, some as old as the hills and others just coming into play in the last decade. Some are more common and only the common ones will be listed as there are hundreds of terms. These are: 

  • Pot. One of the first terms and the most common.  
  • MJ. A more recent term. Some individuals use it, but it was trendy and now seems to be fading. 
  • Cannabis (the truly technical name) and one that businesses use most commonly.  
  • “J” a totally slang term used sometimes. 
  • Weed. Marijuana is a weed, and this is a popular term. You will hear this one a lot.  

The term used for marijuana business ideas is usually “420”.  Now what does that mean exactly?

This term originated as a cultural norm in some areas where others gathered at 4:20 PM (no matter what the time zone) to smoke together as a group. Business owners adopted this term for marijuana as they do gather to discuss their own business dealings and seek joint ventures. Recreational users do not use this term as much as business owners, but we will use it here as this article is going to suggest 10 profitable Marijuana dispensary ideas that can generate revenue.

Onto what we consider profitable ideas to generate revenue from a 420-marijuana business

  1. The most profitable is growing the plants and distributing them. This however takes a large amount of time, knowledge, and capital to start. There are legalities and regulations that must also be researched and followed. A 420 growing and distribution business can be the most complex, expensive, and difficult to start and maintain.  
  2. Our favorite for a quick start up with little cost is the 420-marijuana Affiliate programs that abound now. A search online will bring up dozens of these and Affiliate marketing gives individuals the tools and training to start successfully.  
  3. Processing of marijuana. Some skill, knowledge and capital needed, but not as intense or complicated as growing and distributing. There can be licensing involved here though depending upon area. 
  4. Another favorite of ours, delivery of 420 products. Again, licensing might be needed but it is merely like a courier service. 
  5. Selling edible marijuana products. Some trial and error needed as these must taste good and have the correct amounts of 420 within each portion. 
  6. Selling non-edible products. Marijuana is so popular that everything from face creams to lip gloss containing it exists. It is a natural organic product and there are enough enthusiasts for these products to start a nice business.
  7. Start a marijuana accessories store. A great fun way to make money. Sell bongs, pipes, vapes, and even t-shirts and pet attire with marijuana slogans.  
  8. 420 party planning. This is a growing trend for reunions, weddings and other get together. Get paid to plan one for other people but remember to check locality regulations and laws for residential usages.  
  9. A very unusual idea but can work if the laws and regulations in your area allow this. Be a marijuana florist.  A nice bouquet delivered to any person who enjoys marijuana is a lovely gift.
  10. A marijuana consultant. If you use a lot of marijuana and have a great deal of knowledge you can charge for your experience. No fuss, no muss, and no capital needed.

Marijuana and the businesses that are springing up from it are practically limitless!  

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