Updated on September 22, 2020

Marijuana legalization in several states of the United States has led to many people wanting to grow their marijuana for either personal or commercial use. While many people make growing marijuana seem complicated, with the right guide, growing marijuana indoors can be easy and exciting if you strictly observe the rules. If you are ready to start growing marijuana indoors, here is the guide that will make your growing easier.

Choose the growing space or room.

The first step with growing indoor marijuana is designating the space where you will raise it. You can choose a room that is not in use, a tent, a closet, your garage, the basement, or a corner in your home. Some considerations you should make are the availability of light, air, and enough space for growth since quality marijuana seeds can grow expansively and very tall. Also, you should leave enough room for you to work on the plants once they fully develop.

The growing space needs to be light-tight not to confuse the cannabis plants and clean to keep the plants healthy and keep the pests at bay. An area that is cool with fresh air is recommendable because if it is very humid, you will be unable to control the growth environment. Again, it should be more convenient for you to check on the plants every time.

Consider the grow light.

Since you are growing cannabis indoors, you need to choose the best lighting medium for your plants as they need a lot. You can utilize LED grow lights, fluorescent grow lights, HID lights, or induction grow lights. HID grow lights are efficient and produce more light per unit of electricity used but will cost more than fluorescent or LED lights. Recent LED light fixtures are efficient for indoor growing, and florescent lights exceptionally high output T5 bulbs are commonly used by indoor growers.

The choice of growing lights will depend on its efficiency, availability, and cost. Only ensure you choose the right lighting medium for your cannabis plants.

Improve the air circulation in the grow room

Your cannabis plants require fresh air to thrive and plenty of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. To achieve that, you need an exhaust fan on top of the room to ensure the steady circulation of air in the place by removing warmer air. A filtered air inlet will also come in handy. 

Alternatively, you can use an air conditioner, a supplemental carbon dioxide system, and a dehumidifier. A circulation fan can also be useful only if you don’t direct it at the plants to avoid wind burns.

Have environmental control and monitors

Environmental control equipment helps you to control the climate at the place through automation remotely. As a beginner, you can use a 24hour light timer and a thermostat switch for the adjustable exhaust fan.

A light timer is very critical when growing cannabis. You can control the lights and have them on for 18hours during the vegetative stage and 12hours during the blooming season. The light has to be on and off at the same time daily to avoid stressing your plants.

Choose the growing medium.

Several mediums are there that you can utilize to grow your cannabis indoors from soil to hydroponics or coco coir. As a beginner, the soil is the most comfortable and convenient growing medium you can use. Use high-quality soil that has no artificial additives such as chemical fertilizers and traces of pesticides. You can have the soil tested and then amend it using organic fertilizers such as compost or worm castings.

Pick the containers

When picking the containers, consider the drainage and size. There are some smart containers for growing indoor plants that have improved airflow to the root system, or you can use disposable cloth bags or perforated bags.

Buckets and pots are also a suitable option but ensure you drill holes in the bottom for air circulation. A 10liter bucket is ideal for when the roots start expanding. The roots’ size will be limited to the container size.

Plant your cannabis seeds and germinate them

After planning and putting all the equipment in place, its time to get your seeds and plant them. First of all, ensure you get good marijuana quality seeds so that you get the best yields. Buy from a reputable company since that will determine the kind of weed you will produce.

A fast way to germinate marijuana seeds is to place them directly in a rapid rooter adding a little water when they begin to dry out but ensure you don’t drown them in water. After germination, you can transfer the rapid rooter directly into the soil.

Add nutrients

As your cannabis plants grow, they need nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. Supplement the soil regularly with organic nutrients as the plant continually uses the available nutrients in the ground. Mix the nutrients well with water and feed your plants. Be careful not to over-supplement them, which is worse than under-supplementing them.

In the vegetative stage, use nutrients high in nitrogen to boost their growth during that stage. The marijuana plants need low-nitrogen formula nutrients in the flowering stage but with high amounts of phosphorous and potassium macronutrients. Ensure you water them adequately and adjust the light conditions effectively.

Control pests and water your marijuana plants

While you are adequately watering your plants, be careful not to overwater since the roots can become water-logged and start to rot or develop fungal diseases. Additionally, test the water you are using to water the plants to ensure it has no dissolved minerals that can damage your plants.

Also, keep a close eye in your plants to spot any pest problems and eliminate them before they worsen.

The flowering stage

Once your cannabis plants get halfway to the desired size, it’s time to induce the budding stage. Switch your light timer to 12 hours lights a day so that the plants pends the other 12hours in darkness. Growth will continue and stop at around a 6weeks duration, depending on your plant’s genetic type. The buds will now continue getting denser and ready for harvest.


The white hairs on the buds will start turning reddish-brown when the marijuana plant is ready for harvesting, and hopefully, you will get massive yields.

Drying and curing

Dry your weed completely and cure it in jars while opening it from time to time to enhance air circulation and increase its quality. At this point, your weed is ready for use or sale.

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