6 Tips To Arranging The Best Medical-Themed Party

Updated on February 9, 2021

You can create prescription-themed invitation cards, have medical-themed games, decorations, and costumes for the best medical party.

Doctors are an essential part of society, and they work extremely hard. But at the end of the day, even doctors and nurses need to relax and let loose. If you have a friend or a close person who is a doctor or a nurse, you can throw them a surprise medical-themed party. 

This will be a great way to surprise them as people rarely expect a medical-themed party. The party can even be fun and exciting for kids. As this is a party with a different theme, it will create some great memories and strengthen some bonds.

With that being said, let us dive into some ideas that will create a wonderful medical-themed party.

1. Prescription Like Invitation Cards

Well, there can be no party if there are no people. And what better way to invite people to a medical-themed party than to have the invitation cards designed as prescriptions. 

Design a fake prescription sheet and write your invitation on it. If you are having a costume party, then do not forget to mention that in the card.

To make the prescription card more attractive, add doctor or nurse uniform stickers. Another way to let everyone know that this will be a medical-themed party is to use a hashtag at the end of the invitation card.

For example, you can write #doctorsparty or #medic party to get the energy flowing into everyone.

2. Medical Themed Decoration

Now, on to the decoration part. For a medical-themed party, you must-have accessories that best represent a hospital. You can decorate with fake skeletons, blue bedding, fake X-rays, vision charts, medical posters throughout the room.

This will make everyone feel like they are having a party in the hospital ward. You can also arrange a dedicated corner for gifts for med students.

After all, if you do not feel like you are in a hospital ward, then you are doing the medical party wrong.

If you want to have the party a little on the creepy side, instead of decorating a room based on awards, decorate the room in a morgue fashion. Put white clothes on top of your bed, have washable red food color on bedsheets that will give a bloody effect. 

You can gather 2-3 pillows, bind them with white clothes so that they appear like dead bodies. It’s a party, so go as funky as you can.

3. Foods And Beverages

For foods and beverages, it depends on personal choice. However, there are some common foods you will always find in hospitals.

Fresh fruit salad, green beans, chicken escalope, celery and potato soup, cauliflower, chips and bread roll and butter are all common foods that are served in hospitals almost all around the world. So, you can keep these foods at your party not only to make it feel like a medical party but to serve medical food as well.

For drinks and beverages, it is the same. Each person has his own choice of drink. But as this is a doctor themed party, you can go for two items.

If you want to have an actual themed party, then you must avoid alcohol as doctors and nurses are strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol. 

But if you just want the theme to be medical, but also a little funky, then you can keep some alcohol to kick off the party. 

4. Medical Costumes

Costumes can be a great addition to any party. As for these parties, it can play a major role. You can ask all the guests to wear either doctor or nurse outfits. They can have stethoscopes, glasses, and of course, the doctor’s lab coat.

For those who are a little on the bold side, they can also go for a sexy nurse and doctor’s outfit with miniskirts, long socks, and high heels. It is a party, after all, so no problem in going wild.

And for the scare enthusiasts, you can also do a zombie nurse or doctor outfit. Although this takes some time to prepare, it can be a great addition to the previously mentioned morgue-themed medical party.

5. Different Games

A party will not be fun without games. Fortunately, there are several games that both adults and children can enjoy. Here is a list of some games that everybody even children can enjoy:

Get toilet paper and assign a team with two players. One player will have the toilet paper and cover the other player completely with the toilet paper. The team completing in the shortest amount of time is the winner.

If you want a slower game, you can play the “Operation” medical board game.

To refresh the biology knowledge of everyone, you can host a medical-themed trivia. It will have a lot of funny and exciting questions but through pop culture references.

Another great game to enjoy is the Halloween style Feel Box. One person is blindfolded. Then a mannequin is set in front of him. Others will draw his hand and place it randomly on the mannequin. The person has to guess which body part they are touching.

6. Tableware And Cutlery

Another great addition to the party would be to use medical-themed tableware and cutlery. To serve food, you can use metal medical trays. 

You can have scalpels that can be used as knives. As for bowls, you can use bedpans. Serving drinks in medical test bottles rather than normal glasses can also add to the medical theme. 

You can also serve beverages in small packets that look like drip bags. Drip bags are commonly used to carry blood, so if you have some red-colored drink in your drip bags, it will increase the spook factor to a great extent.

Final Thoughts

Medical professionals all around the world are working day and night so that we can remain healthy and safe. They even risk their lives so that we can live a few more years. So we must appreciate their efforts and deeds. And a medical-themed party is the perfect way to acknowledge their contribution and show them our love and affection.

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