4 funny and inspiring gifts for women

Updated on November 17, 2021

Looking for a gift she will always remember? Than its time to look up the most inspirational an funny gifts from 2020. This year we were al shocked by the impact of the coronavirus. Birthdays were cancelled, some states have been in total lockdown and we couldn’t get to the people we love. That’s why it’s so important to put a lot of effort in finding the right gift for the women you love. This year everything’s different. But your love for your mother, sister, niece, girlfriend or wife will stay the same. Here are 4 funny and inspiring gifts for the most important women in your life. 

Sex toys 

We must admit: sex toys are probably not a great gift for ALL of the women in your life. It would be a bit awkward to give different dildos to your mother and sister. Don’t do it! But when you’re searching for a great gift for your wife or girlfriend, giving sex toys isn’t as strange as you might think. A lot of people are using sex toys nowadays. There is such a variety out there that there is now something for everyone. Why not take a risk and surprise your partner with a realcock clear dildo for Christmas?  It will spice up your sex life, rebuild the heat between you two and will make having sex a lot more fun.

Don’t forget to distract the kids while giving the present. You don’t want ugly or horrified faces. And when you put your kids extra early to bed, you’ll have enough time to try the new toys! 

A journal 

Most women love to write. Just to sum up the things that happened that day. Or just enjoying a quiet moment at the end of the day. Only a journal, a cup of tea and silence. Do you know a woman in your life that is creative and loves to write? Than she’ll be so excited to get this gift. 

Do you find giving a journal a bit dull? Try to buy something inventive. Or make an own journal by restyling an old notebook. You can do all sort of things to make this a creative an inspirational gift. 


Do you find yourself feeling blank? Having no inspiration whatsoever? Than there are plenty of tips to help you trough the gift selection process. Flowers actually do make a great gift for everyone and every circumstance. Just include a thoughtful message and invest in a great bouquet. That’ll be the recipe for great success. 

Don’t forget to buy an ornament or decorative watering can as well. Even when the flowers perished, she’ll have a great pot or watering can. This may not be a creative or inspirational gift, but it will definitely make her happy. And that’s what it’s all about. 


Why glass dildos are so much popular in the bedroom is something some people won’t immediately understand. That is untill they are actually using it. It brings so much fun in your relationship. And when you’re already spicing up things in your relationship, you can also indulge her with some new lingerie. A great gift for a great night! 

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