5 Promotional Ideas For Your Healthcare Business

Updated on July 30, 2021
promotional ideas for a healthcare business

Whether you run a small clinic with less than 50 employees or a solo practitioner, marketing your healthcare business can be challenging. You want to bring awareness and gain recognition in your area, but at the same time, you need to be authoritative, helpful, and informative. 

The fact that healthcare patients have more choices than ever before, they no longer feel the need to visits the closest hospital in the area. Plus, word-of-mouth advertising can only take you so far. Because of these factors, you’ll eventually reach a standstill and your business growth will slow down. 

So, if you want to increase brand awareness and attract more patients, here are promotional ideas for your healthcare business that you can try:

Utilizing Digital Signages

Time and time again, digital signages have proven their efficiency and usefulness in the healthcare setting. The benefits you can get from incorporating digital signages in your facilities aren’t limited to reducing perceived waiting time, improving patient welfare, and entertaining visitors. Digital signages also yield great results when incorporated into your marketing strategies. 

For one, a well-made digital signage can promote your products and services. It can do so by spreading awareness about your practice, public recognition, and charities. Digital signage can also promote upcoming news or events about your healthcare business.

In addition, unlike static posters and signs, digital signages are highly versatile. On-screen marketing or information messages can be changed without a problem. The purposes and contents of the sign can change in real-time, including the time of the day or even with audience demographics.

Whether you already have a TV monitor to use or you partner with agencies, like OmniAlly, to add new signage solutions, it’s important to note that location is crucial. Keep it accessible around eye levels or above that. You also want to target high traffic areas such as information desks, lobbies, and lounges.

Leverage Social Media

Leverage the booming social media platform to better connect with your community and patients. Here, you can never miss an opportunity to promote your practice as well as educating your patients. 

Patients want to trust their physicians, which is made possible by an improved connection through social media. In fact, many people would agree that they would trust medical info shared on their social media network. 

Also, patients expect to hear from their doctor when requiting an appointment through social media. Thus, taking your social media branding to the next level is an important tool to promote your healthcare business.

Build a Website

Any business looking to achieve maximum success in its industry needs to have its own face on the web. Healthcare businesses are no exception to this rule. While you may have a strong presence on social media, having a dedicated website is still a must. 

With more people now using search engines to make informed decisions about the numerous options available to them, if your organization can’t be found anywhere on the first page of search results, then you’re losing a lot of potential patients. 

Your website can help you share your mission, vision, and key messages. You can also provide details on your location, services, practices, and office hours. Overall, a well-deigned website can help build awareness and trust in your brand.

Create A Google My Business Profile

If you haven’t had the time to create your profile on Google My Business, then now is the time to do so. Google dominates search engine usage. Thus, ranking in Google’s search results is crucial for any business. For healthcare businesses, local results in google are key. 

You’ll need to create and properly optimize your GMB profile. GMB profiles are featured business in the local search result, which appears below paid ads and above organic results. Doing so helps increase the visibility of your healthcare business in local search results in Google Maps and Google.

Try Content Marketing

In a world where patients mostly get information from large health sites, like WebMD or Healthline, a good marketing strategy in healthcare to fight for awareness is to publish high-quality content

Content marketing means producing valuable content that deals with and provides solutions for common issues of a patient. It also helps build your site’s organic traffic, bringing in more patience to your healthcare business. 


The healthcare industry might not be one to quickly jump on the current marketing bandwagon. However, if you’re desperate to grow your healthcare business and attract new patients, then the above strategies should bring increased awareness to your healthcare brand.  

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