YSU Metro College to Help Area Organizations Increase Revenue Through Outreach Preview Breakfast


There is no organization alive today that can’t do better than they’re doing. And we want to help them do better—especially in how they engage with their customers and communities through Outreach,” states Dr. Ronald Chordas, Associate Provost for University Outreach at YSU METRO COLLEGE.

To achieve this, YSU METRO COLLEGE, in partnership with ThinkThroughTools, will be offering an OutreachU™ Preview Breakfast on Thursday, August 2nd 2012 from 7:30 am – 9:00 am at:

YSU METRO COLLEGE Campus Southwoods Commons
100 DeBartolo Place
Suite 200
Boardman, OH 44512

“We want to engage with individuals that desire to improve their Outreach methods, results and increase their revenue. Above all, we want to better understand their problems and frustrations so that our OutreachU™ course content is right on target when it is launched January 2013,” says Chordas.

According to ThinkThroughTools CEO, Rich Obertots, “For more than thirteen years we have been designing and implementing Outreach systems and software for leading organizations throughout the USA. Now, we are offering our OutreachU™ courses and custom designing these with YSU METRO COLLEGE to align with the requirements of local organizations.”

More and more corporations, small businesses, healthcare providers and organizations of all kinds are finding that Outreach is working to increase their revenue, mission imprint and brand recognition. Unlike advertising and promotion which are one-way push efforts, Outreach focuses on two-way engagement—pull. With the surge in social media and connecting tools like via680’s Ving™, electronic Outreach is amplifying reach and revenue generation. OutreachU™ will enable participants to learn about and apply state of the art tools and techniques.

There is no charge – breakfast is free – pre-registration is required due to limited seating.

To register:

To view a video, informational flier and engage in a pre-event questionnaire http://vng.me/OzGG4e.

For more information on YSU METRO COLLEGE, visit http://web.ysu.edu/metro/.

For more information on ThinkThroughTools, visit www.ThinkThroughTools.com.