Your 1st Year as a Nurse Revised 2nd Edition

Updated on December 24, 2012

We came across this recent book that might be a nice last minute holiday gift for nurses: Your 1st Year as a Nurse Revised 2nd Edition: Making the Transition From Total Novice to Successful Professional.

The book, authored by Donna Cardillo, prepares new nurses for the challenges ahead and offers advice on how they can ensure that they experience the best that nursing has to offer.

You will learn how to:

  • Find the job that’s perfect for you
  • Create your own patient-centered style of nursing
  • Develop positive relationships with doctors, patients, and other nurses
  • Stay positive, deal with conflict and adversity, and avoid burnout
  • Network, enhance your education and career, and become a leader

NEW! to this revised edition:

  • Invaluable information about nursing licensure, including an extensive FAQ section
  • Discussion of professional issues related to standards of care, nursing ethics, and health-care reimbursement
  • Job-hunting challenges and solutions
  • Solutions for handling quandaries such as delayed career start, nontraditional practice, and more
  • Trends and opportunities for the future of nursing
  • A special section for second-career nurses

*For quantity discounts or to request a Desk Copy, contact the publisher, Random House, directly at (800) 733-3000.

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