YaJagoff! On Fifth—A New Marketing Podcast to Help Yinz Succeed

Updated on November 2, 2022

YaJagoff! Media, in partnership with Fifth Influence, is proud to announce the launch of a new digital marketing podcast with a Pittsburgh twist — “YaJagoff! on Fifth.”

This bi-monthly podcast is designed specifically for small and medium businesses looking to navigate their way to more innovative marketing. Each episode focuses on a digital marketing lesson using a Pittsburgh term as an analogy.  

With over 20 years of combined digital marketing experience, the hosts of YaJagoff! on Fifth, John Chamberlin, Rachael Rennebeck, and George Potts, offer valuable insight and advice that will help business owners and marketers reach their target markets and grow their businesses.

Chamberlin and Rennebeck of YaJagoff! Media, as the name implies, have humor and a heart for all things Pittsburgh. Eight years ago, they launched YaJagoff! as a simple blog dedicated to documenting the lighter side of Pittsburgh. Since then, they have grown the blog, started a podcast, made videos, and now co-host the popular weeknight show, YaJagoff on Q (92.9 FM)—all with the express intention of telling Pittsburgh stories in a Pittsburgh way. 

Potts is the founder of Fifth Influence, a Pittsburgh digital agency that creates emotive and performance driven campaigns for progressive brands, organizations, and issue advocacy groups.

Rennebeck says that the trio will be leveraging their digital marketing expertise to help small and medium businesses nationwide. “We have been working on other people’s podcasts and the YaJagoff podcast for a number of years now.”  

“We’ve also been working in marketing for more than we want to count,” adds Chamberlin. “This podcast is a combination of both of those experiences in skills built over time.”  

With topics ranging from content marketing to social media, YaJagoff! on Fifth is an excellent resource for companies looking to improve their digital marketing presence.

“After talking to John and Rachael about creating a digital marketing podcast together, we thought, what if we discussed different marketing lessons with Pittsburgh analogies and then explained them,” says Potts.

The first episode was “Anatomy of a Social Media Ad—It’s Like a Sammich.” The co-hosts used sandwiches as an analogy but explained to the listeners why they pronounce it as “sammich.”

The second episode was “Organic Social Media is No Longer Organic Social Media, But ‘Picksburgh’ is Still ‘Picksburgh.’ They discuss the decline of organic reach, and while organic posts are still important, you now need a paid element to drive the reach of your content. 

The third episode was “The Power of Social Media Listening: It Pays to be Nebby.”

“We’re using a popular Pittsburgh-specific term to talk about the power of social media listening and how you can use that for insight generation and marketing measurement,” explains Potts. “All of the episodes follow this same pattern. Each show is meant to be digestible content, meaning that you can listen in short segments and get a key lesson you can apply to your business.”

YaJagoff! on Fifth is part of the Marketing Podcast Network, a community of podcasts and podcasters that support one another’s growth. 

The Marketing Podcast Network, founded by author and digital marketing expert Jason Falls, is a community of podcasts and podcasters that support one another’s growth. Shows on the network benefit from cross-promotion, idea, mindshare, and revenue share through network advertising. It was founded in 2021 and boasts one critical advertising demographic: 100 percent of MPN’s audience are marketers. Shows on the network include Nick Westergaard’s On Brand, Marketing with Empathy from Sarah Panus, Founder Success Methods from Christopher Hines, and Winfluence – The Influence Marketing Podcast, among others. 

“I’ve known John and Rachael for years and love what they’ve built with YaJagoff!” says Falls, executive producer of MPN. “When they said they had a concept for a marketing podcast to better serve the businesses in Pittsburgh, I jumped out of my seat and screamed, ‘I’ve got you!’ Those two, plus George Potts, are proven, trusted resources for marketing smarts. That makes their show ideal for MPN.”

Potts adds that the goal is to reach a national audience. 

“There are Pittsburghers everywhere across the country,” he says. “We want to use these connections to Pittsburgh to call special attention to these marketing topics. Others are talking about these topics, but we want to make it more entertaining. Rachael, John, and I are bullish on Pittsburgh. It brings attention to our city and region as leaders in digital marketing and the digital arena.”

“I hope those who need a little help and encouragement with marketing will listen to YaJagoff! on Fifth, but then also discover additional resources on MPN,” adds Falls. “We have shows on SEO, public relations, content marketing, branding, influencer marketing, and beyond. And we’re equally as excited to tell all our audiences about this great new show on the network.”

The Marketing Podcast Network offers a variety of advertising packages for businesses that sell to marketers. The network and its media kit can be found online at www.marketingpodcasts.net.

You can listen to YaJagoff! on Fifth at https://marketingpodcasts.net/show/yajagoff-on-fifth/ or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and Podchaser. 

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