WPHIMSS Board of Directors Nominations Extended to June 15

Interested health care professionals are asked to submit their nomination by email by the end of the business day June 15, 2012.   If you want to nominate yourself or someone else for one of the available WPHIMSS Board of Directors positions and your and/or your nominee meets the eligibility requirements (see below), please forward which Board of Director position the nomination is for, along with a professional biography (see examples at www.wphimss.org under “About WPHIMSS (Board of Directors)”  to [email protected].  If you have any questions regarding serving on the WPHIMSS Board, feel free to contact either Robert Sheesley or Rebecca Huet (contact information below).

President-Elect (one-year term) The President-Elect position serves a 1 year term, but requires a two year commitment as the position converts to the President’s position.
Treasurer (one-year term)
Secretary (one-year term)

Board Member At-Large
There are eight (8) Director at-Large positions.  Each of these positions will chair or co-chair in one of the following committees for a one-year term as determined by the Board Members and President:
Director Professional Development Committee – Educational Co-Chairperson
Director Professional Development Committee – Programs Co-Chairperson
Director Membership Committee – Chairperson
Director Chapter Development (Sponsorship) – Chairperson
Director Communications Committee – Chairperson
Director Finance Committee – Chairperson
Director Scholarship Committee – Chairperson
Director Nomination Committee – Chairperson
Director Student Liaison

Election Schedule
Nominations Open  May 21
Nominations Close June 15 (5:00 PM)
Voting Open  June 18
Voting Closes  June 22 (5:00 PM)
Results Published      June 29

Members who are elected to the Board must be active, dues-paid members of National HIMSS who have completed one (1) year of membership. All candidates must also be WPHIMSS members. Nominees for President-Elect must have held a position on the WPHIMSS Board in at least one of the immediate three (3) prior years. Candidates for Student Liaison must be a student currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program.

Term of Office
The tenure of elected Officers shall commence July 1 through June 30.  President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President are each one-year terms that are served consecutively. The term of President is effectively three years with one year in each position (President-Elect, President and Immediate Past President). A President-Elect will be elected each year. Member-at-Large positions will be elected each year for one-year terms.  All officers, except President, may serve in the same position for two (2) consecutive terms.

Thank you and we look forward to your participation in our Chapter.

Sean O’Rourke, Nomination Committee Chair  

Robert Sheesley, President
[email protected]
Office  (412) 454-8901
Mobile (312) 735-9559

You may also contact Rebecca Huet at [email protected].

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