Women’s Health Activist Movement Global Announces “Big Idea” Challenge with $10,000 Prize to Improve Women’s Health in Western PA


The Pittsburgh chapter of the Women’s Health Activist Movement Global (WHAMGlobal) has issued a request for video applications for its 2017 “Big Idea” Challenge, which will award a $10,000 prize and the guidance of WHAMGlobal network members to a non-profit organization that identifies a strategy for improving women’s health and health equity in western Pennsylvania. The deadline for video submissions is April 30, 2017.

WHAMGlobal is looking for one-minute video submissions that outline a pressing women’s health issue in western Pennsylvania, as well as a solution for solving that problem. The categories for video submissions include:

• Mental Health or Substance Misuse

• Patient & Consumer Activation (safety, quality, access, equity)

• Social & Environmental Determinants of Health

• Violence

• Women’s Health Issues

To learn more about the video submission criteria and contest timeline, please visit the WHAMGlobal website (www.whamglobal.org/bigideachallenge). To submit a video for the contest, please fill out this short online form (www.whamglobal.org/big-idea-form/view/form). Organizations can submit multiple videos for consideration.

A group of independent judges will select the top video submissions, and finalists will pitch their idea for improving women’s health and healthy equity in Western PA during an event at the August Wilson Center on June 26, 2017.

To learn more about WHAMGlobal, visit www.whamglobal.org.