Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Right Away

Updated on February 20, 2020

A great smile can go a long way. Everyone loves to smile, and everyone wants to be around people who laugh and enjoy themselves. It’s the key to having a good time, it’s what makes us connect, and it’s the thing that makes us human. A smile is universally accepted everywhere in the world. If you smile to someone speaking a foreign language, they will smile back. It costs us nothing, and it makes us happy. So then, it’s logical that everyone would like to have their smile checked and in perfect shape, right?

Well, that isn’t true for most adults. More than 70 percent of us have a plan to visit the dentist in the following year. But, as it turns out, less than half of us dare to do so. There is a common fear of dentists called “dentist-phobia,” and many of us seem to have it. Let’s say you live in Oregon. As soon as a tooth starts to hurt, instead of going to the Oregon City dentist, you think to yourself that the pain will go away.

Minor issues can turn into major concerns

Often times, there are signs of tooth decay that we can’t notice. It takes a trained professional to see these issues and fix them. There might be a minor issue that you are unaware of, and it may turn out into a major dental concern if it isn’t treated early. Regular visits prevent this from happening. A quick check-up every six months goes a long way and keeps gum and teeth diseases away. You can schedule a dental check up at dentist Battersea to know the condition of your teeth. 

Only a dentist knows the secrets for clean teeth


We all brush our teeth at least twice per day, and we floss daily as well. But, we also know people whose breath isn’t so pleasant. And, like them or not, you don’t want to be around them. Even if they eat a pack of gum and mints in front of you, sometimes it doesn’t help. This can all be due to incorrect brushing and flossing.  Excess food can be stuck in our teeth, and it can create problems as it rots between them. Also, the tongue is the most important when it comes to having fresh breath, and most people forget about its hygiene. Visiting the Dentist in Hartford will help to pinpoint the problem you’re facing, and show you the correct techniques to keep everything clean and fresh.. Here are the most common dental problems: https://www.verywellhealth.com/top-common-dental-problems-1059461

What is the proper way to brush your teeth?

Brushing for two minutes each time is just enough. Some people opt for three, but not quite necessary. What’s most important is how you do the procedure. The brush should be at 45 degrees toward your gum line, and you should only use light, gentle strokes. Also, the bristles on the brush shouldn’t be bending. If they are, that’s a sure sign that you’re doing it incorrectly. That will just wear down both your teeth and your gums. However, the plaque on them is soft, and it will be cleaned with smooth, light and circular strokes.

What is the correct way to floss?

Most people hate this part of oral hygiene, and there is a lot to dislike. This is mainly because after finishing, your mouth is full of blood, and your gums are destroyed. If this is the outcome, you probably snap and pop your way through each tooth pair. Surprisingly, this isn’t the way you should floss. Instead, you should use about two inches of line for each tooth. This means that you’ll unroll a new one as soon as you finish with using the previous one. Twist it with your fingers, and gently pull down against your tooth to break up the plaque. This will leave your gums in great shape, and you won’t be spitting blood ever again.

Quit smoking immediately

Well, this is a no brainer. If you need another person to tell you that smoking is bad, then you should definitely visit your dentist or the Best Dentist Etobicoke.

They’ll let you know more about the risks, and that might force you to stop for good. Since the nicotine creates a perfect environment for bacteria, it’s like a disaster waiting to happen, and it’s in your mouth. Instead, quit the cigarettes, brush, and floss as you should, and make you and your dentist happy.

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