Why You Should Invest in Custom Conference Tables and How They’re Built

Updated on March 17, 2021

A company’s conference room is likely the most important space in the building. This is where vital decisions are made, where clients are wooed, and where the executive interacts with employees. There are different types of conference tables for meeting rooms. The type you choose will determine the impression you’d like to make on potential clients and investors.

The conference table is not like any other office furniture. It is the centrepiece that says a lot about the company. Since conference rooms come in various sizes and shapes, custom conference tables are the way to go if you want a perfect one for your company. 

When clients first walk into a conference room, the first thing they notice is the conference table. They are likely to spend a fraction of the meeting analyzing the type of wood, the craftsmanship, the artwork, and craftsmanship. 

When you opt for custom conference tables, you get to decide how you want the table made and the type of wood you prefer. Character marks, such as the colour, knots, and figure, will influence your wood choice. You may also need to consider other materials such as stone, glass, and metals, often used to create unique conference tables.

Understanding how the table is built will help you make informed decisions and limit errors. You don’t want to be left with an impractical conference table because you made the wrong choice. 

The design

When looking at mass-produced factory conference tables, they tend to look similar. Most lack creativity. When you opt for custom conference tables, you need to decide which design is most suitable for your company and conference room space. 

Makers of custom conference tables initially come up with various designs so you can choose the one you like most. The sketch designs are made on a 3D modelling program for accuracy.  

The conference room space

The available space will naturally influence the shape and size of the custom conference table. If you have a podium or AV equipment in the room, it is critical that you only measure the unoccupied space.

Additionally, you should consider how much space you need to leave for people to move around the conference room freely. For example, at least six feet of clearance is recommended for large rooms around the conference table’s perimeter. For small rooms, at least three and a half feet is the ideal clearance space. 

The shape of the table

One advantage of custom conference tables is that you have greater flexibility when choosing the shape. Often, your preference supersedes other factors that influence the ideal shape. However, the type of wood and the available space are critical. 

Some shapes also allow more people to sit at the table. For example, rectangular conference tables are the best choice if you want to seat as many people as possible. Boat-shaped tables are elegant. Round tables are great for seating a small number of people but take up a lot of space. 

Does your company emphasize management hierarchy in the conference room? A round conference table gives a sense of equality, while a rectangular conference table gives the group leader a position of authority at the end of the table. 

This is a psychological position of power in the conference room and gives the head greater leverage to direct the meeting and observe everyone in the room. 

Number of seats

When deciding the conference table’s size and shape, you need to know the number of seats you expect to have around the table. Although there are times when two to four people use the conference room, there are times when you have more people in the conference room. It is best to look at the maximum number of seats necessary. 

Additionally, you should consider the company’s prospects. What are expansion plans, and how will that impact the conference room? If you expect to have more people occupying the table in the next few years, it is best to have a larger one. 

It is important to consider what takes place in the conference room. Are most people likely to have writing pads and pens, or will they be using laptops? If large volumes of documents will be availed during some of the meetings, you need to consider working space when determining the space allocation for each seat. 

Custom conference tables give you greater flexibility when it comes to making the right choice. You no longer have to struggle to fit a conference table in a room because you will make the perfect one for the conference room.

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