Why You Should Hire a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Updated on August 17, 2020

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If you sustain a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, you have every right to pursue compensation for your losses. TBI victims are advised to involve a lawyer in the process, though most claimants choose to navigate it without legal counsel. Here’s why that’s a bad idea:

1. The claim-filing process is complicated.

Filing any compensation claim is a complicated process involving a plethora of legal jargon and documents that you may not be familiar with. A seasoned lawyer knows the legal process like the back of their hand. Consider hiring an experienced attorney such as Hardison & Cochran – Wilmington personal injury law for help handling your case properly.

2. The case may go to court.

If the at-fault party contests your claim or approaches you with an unacceptable settlement offer, you may be forced to settle the case in court. Litigation is way more complicated and taxing than the claim-filing phase. You will need a lawyer in your camp to succeed against an insurance company’s legal team.

In the presence of a seasoned attorney, the other side will refrain from pulling off tricks meant to weaken your case. This will increase the likelihood of winning a settlement several fold.

3. A lawyer may assist with some of your expenses.

Fault-determination in traumatic brain injury cases is a process that may call for the expertise of a medical specialist, a financial expert, and an attorney. All these people charge for their services, and paying them out of pocket may prove difficult. Hiring an attorney first will save you the hassle of finding and assembling the other experts. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis and will charge you only a percentage of your settlement.

4. Insurance adjusters don’t care about you.

The first step to filing an insurance claim involves writing to the at-fault party’s insurance adjuster to inform them that you have been diagnosed with TBI. This is usually accompanied by your estimation of the worth of your case. If the adjuster accepts your claim, they will respond with their valuation.

It’s a given that adjusters work for the best interests of their firms so chances are they will undervalue your claim. A lawyer will ensure this doesn’t happen. It is also doubtful that adjusters will make deliberate omissions in their calculations, knowing there is an attorney on the other side.

5. A TBI attorney knows the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations is the amount of time after which a case can no longer be decided in court. The TBI statute of limitations varies from state to state. A lawyer will help you understand yours and expedite the process of filing your claim, so everything happens before the deadline.


If you or your loved one sustains a traumatic brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation for all the financial and emotional losses you incur due to the injury. An experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer will help you receive a decent settlement before the statute of limitations expires.

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