Why vaping is the best way of consuming cannabis leaves?

Updated on May 25, 2020

The manner of consuming cannabis determines how soon you get high because it requires the cannabis strain to mix with bloodstream to get high. While cannabis edibles are easy to consume in the form of candy or gum, and it is very convenient to consume a few drops of cannabis tincture or oil, it takes some time for the strain to reach the bloodstream. The fastest effects of cannabis come from smoking, although you must keep in mind that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking cannabis leaves is the best way to enjoy the effects quickly. Sometimes people question the ability of leaves in giving high, but the fact is that cannabis leaves are as much potent as other parts of the cannabis plant.  

Although it is easy to buy marijuana in Seattle by visiting sone dispensary like SatoriMJ.com – Dispensary Seattle, you must choose a safe way of consuming it to ensure fast action. Since smoking is harmful to health, there are other ways of safely consuming cannabis to fulfill your fast action goal.

Use a vaporizer

Instead of smoking cannabis, vaping is a safer choice with the assurance of quick action.  Vaping is safe and allows you to take control of the way you want to consume cannabis. You can control the temperature of the vaporizer as well as the chosen parts of the plant that are under extraction but without burning it. When you burn cannabis in a pipe, joint, bong, or blunt, it will release harmful substances like nicotine, tar, and other carcinogens, which constitutes almost 80% of the smoke leaving only a small percentage of cannabis strain or cannabinoids to enter your body. But, when you vape cannabis, you consume cannabis vapor, which contains almost 95% cannabinoids and ensures faster action. For consuming most of the cannabinoids in cannabis, vaping is a better option than smoking. 

Cannabis edibles

An easier and convenient way to consume cannabis is to ingest cannabis edibles orally that does away the hassles of smoking or vaping. However, it has a drawback as the cannabinoids reach the endocannabinoid system through the liver and not the lungs. Cannabinoids are absorbed in small quantities in the liver, and even a smaller quantity gets ingested in the system. Therefore, eating cannabis will leave you, asking for more because the process is less effective in infusing cannabinoids to the body. Cooking cannabis buds is an option too, but for lasting effects, you need high-grade buds. 

Cannabis extracts

Another way of enjoying cannabis is to extract cannabinoids from the leaves. There are many ways of extracting cannabinoids, but the easiest way is to use a hash maker like Ice-o-Lator that helps to extract pure cannabinoids from the leaves.  The tool will help you to extract only the trichomes that stick to on the leaves and stems. The extract will be much less than what you get from regular buds, but it will still be cannabinoid with decent purity.

Vaping is most effective because it results in decarboxylating cannabis leaves, which does not happen with the other consumption methods.

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