Why Small Business Need a COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking System

Updated on March 26, 2022


When COVID-19 landed, everything changed in the world. Travel stopped, work went remote, schools went online, and the world became more digital. Then pharmaceuticals developed vaccines to help combat the pandemic. Now, as the world opens everything to go back to where it was and businesses start operations, it’s a world of two people: the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. In addition to standard administrative roles like payroll, onboarding, and benefits administration, companies have added HRs the role of tracking employees’ COVID-19 vaccination status. This has necessitated vaccine tracking in most businesses small and established. 

Why Have a COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking System?

One of the ways for vaccine tracking is using vaccination tracking software to follow COVID-19 vaccination status. This helps companies ensure compliance with the government’s vaccine and testing mandate designed to combat COVID-19 and its variants. The mandate requires businesses with over 100 employees to ensure that their teams are fully vaccinated or undergo weekly testing.

The question then is, how will managers and team leaders know who’s vaccinated and who’s not to prevent COVID-19 from affecting other people? Companies have two choices:

  • Track individuals manually
  • Use software to automate tracking 

Tracking teams manually is tedious and risky, as some people may lie about their vaccination or testing. It can also put employees’ COVID-19 data at risk of being open or improperly stored. For compliance, it’s also difficult to edit and upload employee documents or PDFs. 

To be efficient and comply with the legislation, small businesses need to digitally track employee vaccination documents, symptoms, and weekly COVID-19 test results. Digital tracking can also help run compliance reports on vaccination and offer employees and the management self-service to confirm their status. It’s also a simple way for employees to verify their COVID-19 vaccination status, symptoms, or test results and share them with the HR management. 

Having COVID-19 testing and vaccination tracking documents in the same place as employee data for onboarding and Management makes it significantly simpler for HR and business to ensure business compliance. It’s also an easy way to support government reporting on the county’s COVID-19 status with data and figures that can be integrated into the government’s COVID-19 repository.

How to Choose the Best COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking Software

The market is flooded with different vaccination and test tracking software making it difficult to choose. Yet, as a small business, you cannot afford to make costly mistakes of investing in the wrong or unreliable software. When selecting a vaccination tracking software, some of the key features to look out for are:

  • Accessibility: A robust vaccination tracking platform should be easily accessible via the web and any device – from laptops to desktops and mobile phones. It should also include features for uploading, sending, and signing new documents such as policies, proof-of-vaccination or testing documents.
  • Customizable: The platform should simplify updating existing government and company policies and adapt to new requirements and compliance regulations.
  • Usability: Small businesses thrive on usability. A vaccination tracker shouldn’t feel like another complicated thing they need to integrate within the business. It should be easy to integrate with HR roles. 
  • Data integration: Connecting and syncing the Vaccine Tracker app with other existing data sources and HR tools should be a breeze. For example, it should easily integrate student information systems (SIS) into the company’s human resources information systems (HRIS) without much issue. 
  • Easy Management and reporting: A vaccine tracking software should have different interfaces for use at different levels. For example, in a business, the app’s supervisor view should offer a robust dashboard with a bird’s eye view of the overall organization’s vaccination data and an actionable reporting template. 


Having these things in mind will help guide your business research process and help you settle on qualifying vaccine tracking software options. Small businesses need a flexible, robust, all-in-one HR platform, including a  COVID-19 vaccine tracking application. This will support both employee safety and COVID-19 compliance. 

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