Why Should You Check Reviews Before Buying PEMF Machines?

Updated on January 22, 2021

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, often referred to as PEMF therapy, has been in use for thousands of years. While the ancients used magnetic stones, today we have modern PEMF machines that are much more effective.

Stimulating electrons in specific parts of the body that are affected helps resolve many health issues and improve our overall physiology. 

However, if you plan to purchase a PEMF machine, it is advisable to check reviews before buying. One major positive thing about these machines is that the FDA has approved PEMF therapy for treating bone fractures, urinary incontinence, depression, and anxiety, besides muscle stimulation. 

Popular PEMF Machines

Advisors suggest a PEMF brand based on advanced technology and is backed by a guarantee and warranty you can rely on. The users get several therapies and the PEMF mat model, unlike most other brands offering a couple of therapies. 

The treatments offered by the advanced mats include:

  • Far infrared
  • Negative Ions
  • Red Light
  • Crystal
  • PEMF

Besides the above, the features include customizable programming, two types of waveforms, three mat intensities, three pulse duration levels, and 25 frequency levels. 

While purchasing a mat, read PEMF Advisor reviews that include details of the lowest prices, refund policy, if any, and the timeframe for returning. Also, check the fine print for the mat warranty and the controller warranty. It is advisable to check out the number of sizing options being offered and the number of unique therapies the manufacturers include in the package. 

Other PEMF Products

A new health and wellness offering that is great for home and clinical use is a Home System, based on German technology. This PEMF features a full-body mat, a control unit, and a small pillow pad applicator. Besides these, it includes an optional probe applicator to treat specific areas that are difficult to reach. 

The significant benefit, as the advisor reviews reflect, is that it is effortless to use. All you need to do is to spread the mat on the floor and lie on it. You may do this fully-clothed and don’t have to through the cumbersome process of removing whatever jewelry you are wearing. This PEFM machine is designed to penetrate any such material and reach your body’s cells and energize them.  The best part is this machine is light, and you can lug it along with you on your vacation. 

Swiss Specialty

Popular advisor reviews indicate PEMF mat, developed, designed, and made in Switzerland, are technologically advanced devices. This device works on the Android platform and can be used as a regular tablet to browse the Internet, download apps, and send and receive emails besides help get relief from painful injuries. 

Advisor reviews claim this machine offers a relaxing experience as it has just one control unit to monitor, evaluate, and perform analog applications like PEMF therapy and brainwave entrainment

The built-in backup lets you use this device for six hours continuously on a single charge. The PEMF mat also features a back pad that enables you to use it while driving. The easy to select settings and strong effects (due to the thinness) make it a popular choice. The significant benefits include its efficacy, compactness, the Android tablet add-on, and the advanced technology that runs the device. 

However, it is a high-end model that may be slightly expensive for most people. Having invested so much money in this PEMF device, people are expected to make the best use of it to reap maximum benefits. 

Summing it Up

Clinical evidence has established the efficacy of PEMF therapy, which is also approved by the FDA. PEMF helps relieve pain caused by sports injuries, burns, accidents, surgeries, bone degeneration, and other diseases. 

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