Why pool table covers are an integral part of pool tables?

Updated on October 1, 2020

Billiard and pool tables are great investments that entertain people of all ages, and families can spend some fun time while enjoying the sport. Many pool tables are heirloom furniture created with exemplary craftsmanship that are prized possessions for families that can pass down to the following generations. It is critical to take the best care of pool tables to ensure prolonged life so that it not only provides a good return on investment, but the treasure passes on to the next generations.  

The longevity of pool tables depends not only on good construction but also on the quality of care and maintenance, which is perhaps more important to ensure that the table outlives generations’ expectations to come. The pool table’s felt highly delicate, and when not in use, you must keep the table entirely covered by using pool table covers. It will prevent the felt from gathering dust and fading besides protecting it from scratching and other damages. 

Covers for pool tables

The cover used for pool tables is dust covers that protect the table from spillages, accidents, and harmful cleaning solutions. The cover material must be water-resistant and made from high tensile fabric provided with a soft lining to avoid damage to enable all-weather protection. PVC coated polyester fabric is ideal for moderate weather conditions as it is abrasion-resistant.

Pool table care tips

  • The first step in caring for your pool table is to consider the location where you want to place the table by ensuring that the temperature is modest within minimal humidity. Hot and humid climate can damage the table due to moisture buildup.
  • Never lean on the table while playing as it can put pressure on the rails and damage it. Regularly clean the table by brushing the felt lightly to loosen the chalk and dust particles and then vacuum it lightly.
  • Having done with the tabletop cleaning, clean the pool table cabinetry, and take additional care of the pool tablecloth by following the tips below.
  • Another vital aspect of pool table care is not to move the table without professional assistance.

Pool table cabinetry maintenance

The pool tabletop is made from slate covered with felt that rests upon the frame or cabinet made from hardwood, laminate, or veneer. Clean the wood surfaces with a dry cloth, and to clean the manmade surfaces, use light detergent with a damp cloth to gently wipe the surfaces. For cleaning, the rails use furniture wax but avoid using ammonia-based cleaners on wooden surfaces.

Pool tabletop maintenance

During use, the tabletop felt accumulates chalk dust and other particles that can degrade the material’s integrity and make the table look worn down. It is easy to rake care of the felt surface by cleaning the surface regularly with light brushing, followed by vacuuming. Vacuum periodically, but not too often, as too much vacuum can loosen the slate’s felt. To remove excess chalk, use a damp cloth.

 Remove the cover only when you intend to play and cover it soon after to protect the surface from absorbing moisture and dust. 

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