Why New Technology is Changing Marijuana Delivery

Updated on November 3, 2020

Canada was only the second country in the world to legalize marijuana. This has given the country’s marijuana industry a huge boost, making it one of the leading marijuana markets in the world. However as other countries gain interest in this market, Canada’s world status could be under threat. 

Developing the marijuana market 

Every year we are seeing marijuana laws relaxed and the use of the drug legalized in an increasing number of areas around the world. As countries develop a legal marijuana market, they will become interested in competing with Canada for this profitable industry. 

Currently, as world leaders, Canada has an advantage compared to other countries who are just starting to develop this market. However, to maintain their world-leading status then Canada needs to continue investing in new technologies to ensure their businesses cannot be beaten. 

Where technology is improving the marijuana market 

There are currently many technological advances in place that promise to enhance the marijuana market and enable the production of new and innovative products. All of these technologies have the customer in mind, as the industry exists to ensure customers get the best service possible, so orders are repeated. 

  • Growing success to meet consumer demand 
  • Biotechnology 
  • Online platforms for easy customer ordering 
  • Delivery technology 

Growing technology 

You might be wondering how the marijuana growers can improve a marijuana delivery service but without the growers, there are no products to fulfill orders. Meeting customer demand and supplying new products are essential for repeated custom. 

Consumer demand 

The demand for marijuana is currently high, so growers need to ensure that they can meet their orders. This can be achieved by the use of LED lamps, which are slowly replacing the expensive to run, old-style high-pressure sodium bulbs. While the initial set-up cost for LED lamps is high, the lower running costs and overall lower production costs make this an efficient, cost-effective way to produce predictable plant crops. 


No longer does the marijuana industry rely on experimenting to produce new plant strains and products. The investment into biotechnology is exciting, as plant genetics can be studied to help with the production of new strains, a leading area for the development of new medicinal products. Also, biotechnology can be used to scale up marijuana supply to meet retail demand and ensure continued supply is always maintained. 

Online platforms 

Being able to order marijuana online is the greatest technology advance so far, as it is convenient for busy, working people and essential for people with serious, debilitating illnesses. A reliable ordering delivery service is essential for maintaining the world-leading status. 

Retailer statistics 

Online platforms are brilliant time-saving tools that allow retailers to quickly identify their best selling products and remove any products that are not making money. It also allows products to be tracked from the growers through to manufacturing to ensure that supply is maintained.  This is essential for making a good profit and ensuring a successful business. 

Efficient service 

Customers are looking for online platforms that are simple and quick to use. They want to be able to see what products are in-stock and be ensured of a quick processing time. The more widespread use of Apps will also be a welcome addition in the future, as this allows customers to easily order products while on the go. 

Meeting customer satisfaction 

Many companies are now using GPS systems to link orders with delivery drivers who are local to the order address. This is essential for ensuring a rapid delivery time and meeting customers expectations. Also, the use of text and email delivery updates are popular with customers, as they then know when to expect their order to arrive. 

Delivery technology 

Ensuring the safe delivery of orders is essential for maintaining a world-leading marijuana delivery service. 

Safe delivery 

Frequently, Marijuana delivery companies are investing in world-leading surveillance systems to ensure the safe delivery of products and reducing criminal activity. This may involve the use of cameras to record deliveries and monitor stock, or the use of tracking systems to follow the movement of marijuana supplies. 

Technology for the future 

While large steps have already been taken to ensure the latest technology advances are involved in improving the marijuana industry, there is still much more to be done. Canada can help build on its world-leading status by looking at future technologies to help improve their delivery service. It will be exciting to see what the future brings with the use of drone technology and even driverless delivery vehicles. 

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