Why Look for a Female Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery in Singapore?

Updated on October 15, 2019

A lot of factors come into play when you decide to go for cosmetic surgery. These may relate to the choice of procedure, timing of the treatment, and the selection of the doctor. Only a few women don’t bother about the gender of the doctor when going for plastic surgery. Otherwise, most of them prefer female doctors because of the ease of consultation with them. They find it easy to discuss their problems, bodies, and goals with a fellow woman more. If you didn’t consider this aspect earlier, read the points mentioned below to know why even you may want to approach a female plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery.

Longer consultation session

Consultation with doctor forms an integral part of the plastic surgery. During this session, you get to know the surgeon better. You can enquire about a person’s background, experience, and records. At the same time, you can communicate your concerns and goals for surgery, and learn about the suitable procedure for your need in length. As per studies, female surgeons give more time to consultation than their male counterparts. That means if you need to have a rapport with your doctor, then you may want to elect a female doctor for your surgery.

Intuitive understanding

There happens to be an instant connection between women. You can be comfortable discussing your problem areas and goals with a woman plastic surgeon more than a male doctor because of specific reasons. For example, if you want a breast lift to correct the sagging issue, you can expect your female plastic surgeon to understand what you wish precisely and why. It is quite natural. Being a woman, she could be conscious of her body parts as you; hence, she can relate to your problems objectively. 

Physical changes

All women experience specific bodily changes with age. The male doctors can understand this well, but they don’t experience it the way females do. Hence, a female plastic surgeon can know it better how some parts lose their tightness, and where wrinkles and fine lines can emerge, etc. That’s why it becomes convenient to talk to them. 


Some women feel comfortable with female doctors when it comes to showing their intimate problem areas. Since they share the same anatomy, it doesn’t make them uneasy or uncomfortable. They can be more open about what they are going through and what they expect to be done to solve their concerns.

If you were wondering whether having a gender preference, in this case, is right for you or not, then don’t worry. Going for cosmetic surgery takes a different kind of courage and conviction. You want to enhance your appearance so that your confidence and personality gets a new life.  Hence, it is necessary to have comfort and ease when discussing your problems and goals with the doctor. If you think a female plastic surgeon can be more understanding, you must not hesitate to approach one. In Singapore, you can get the best female surgeons for cosmetic surgery hassle-free. For help, you can go to www.wcongplasticsurgery.com.sg.

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