Why Is Poland a Good Destination for Medical Tourism?

Updated on October 26, 2021

It’s not rare to consider traveling to Poland to undergo a medical procedure. The most common ones are plastic surgeries, cosmetic treatments, general dentistry, dental surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, dermatology, eye, ear, nose, and throat ophthalmology, and gynecology. Savings are the main reason why you should consider it, but if you don’t know much about Poland, you may not trust their health care system.

Is Poland as Developed as My Own Country?

Poland, as a former satellite state of the USSR, is sometimes treated with suspicion. You may doubt if the Polish health system is developed or if doctors are schooled up to international standards.

However, Poland has had many years to grow after gaining independence in ‘89. The Polish healthcare system has a public and private sector and the growth of both is aided by the government. You will not find any gap between the services provided in Poland and your home country. Poland has a free market economy and Polish clinics compete against each other on a fair basis. They need to offer the highest standard of service to stay in the market. One of the leading hospitals in a few locations in Poland is KCM Clinic.

Do Polish Doctors Know What They’re Doing?

All medical universities in Poland are accredited by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Medical programs take 6 years and dental programs 5 years. Students from the 3rd year onward have practical classes in hospitals. Then, they must do a 1-year compulsory internship. Afterward, they take The National Medical Exam to obtain a MD/Dentistry license in Poland and register with the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists. No one can work as a physician or a dentist without being registered with this body,  whether it’s a public or private hospital. This is not the end of their education, as obtaining a specialization means 5 more years of studying. By all means, doctors and dentists in Poland are well-educated and perform the same, standardized medical procedures as in other parts of Europe.

How Much Can You Save?

Numbers vary and the best way to estimate the cost is to send the same request to a clinic in your country and a clinic in Poland. Nevertheless, to give you a rough picture, the price differences between Poland and the UK for breast augmentation will be 46-54%, rhinoplasty 74-96%, dental filling 52-62%, and tooth whitening 63-79%.

As you can see, Poland is a valuable option for medical tourism. You can receive the gold standard of all treatments and the savings you can make are impressive. Moreover, Poland is a convenient location for most  Western Europeans and offers great facilities for leisure holidays after your treatments.

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