Why is Fedora a Favorite among Neck Beards?

Updated on January 13, 2022

Hollywood stars have repeatedly spoken about graphic t-shirts and weird headwear adopted by people to create a signature style. Different types of headwear are available in the market, and your favorite stars often experiment with these varieties to come up with something unique. You look at red carpet events or a formal location; you will realize the actors and actresses walking down the red carpet with various magnificent headwear. Along with this, you may hear or see neckbeards wearing fedora hats and other headwear to create an impression. Now, why is that so? It is related to their personality and sense of style. 

Understand neckbeard styling

Neckbeards are targets of laughter and ridicule on the digital media, and they have every reason to deserve it. These overweight, unattractive, and misogynistic users wear various facial hairstyles, showing neck and chin growth. These are associated with Internet addicts and hipster stereotypes that have become a target of laughter over the years. However, there is a lot added to the story. There are multiple reasons why neckbeards receive this amount of ridicule. It is because of blatant sexism, laziness, hygiene issues, and obsession with weird hobbies. At the same time, you have variants of neckbeards that come with multiple features. One thing is associated with all these options: the fedora.  

What is the significance of fedora? 

Coming into the public picture in the late 19TH century, fedora hats have become a typical accessory among men and women. Throughout the 20th century, men used to wear men’s fedora hats in outdoor activities. In 2010, the fedora hat came back because of its growing acceptance among neckbeards and hipsters. Its connection with these groups provided fedora with a negative association. 

The story of fedora and neckbeards

Popular TV series execute the connection between fedora hats and neckbeards. Ever since the 1950s and early 1960s, the contact was well-established. There are TV shows that highlight sexism and more. And most individuals misinterpret the message of misogynistic characters. Thanks to the vast array of TV shows, neckbeards developed like an obsession in the 1950s. Most of them get convinced that the 1950s was a good time when women were more submissive and meeker. These neckbeards started wearing fedora hats to connect with the period they are so attached to and there is nothing wrong with it. The way they dress in the fedora is very similar to the way people dress in steampunk clothes. In those times, neckbeards never paid heed to the fact that fedoras were for formal wear. The characters started wearing fedora hats on different occasions, whether formal or informal. However, one thing was for sure- they wore fedora hats with well-tailored suits and dressed very nicely. Even today, hipsters take immense care to make fedora hats look decent and attractive. 

Do you want to wear a fedora? 

You must be thinking that fedora hats are a staple wardrobe by this time. Yes, you are right. The indented crown, medium to the wide brim, and distinguished characteristics make the fedora hat a staple of the men’s wardrobe. There are numerous variants of fedora hats in terms of material. You have a straw fedora, felt fedora, wool fedora, and much more. The list is never-ending. The one you select becomes related to your personality and sense of style. Along with this, the occasion you are attending will dictate your choice of a fedora hat. 

If you think that you can get your fedora hat, the answer is offline and online forum. Yes, you heard it right. Various stores are operating at the local level to cater to your requirement. More so, you have retailers working online like Americanhatmakers.comto help you with a wide array of options. Choose a hat that caters to your needs and fits your budget. You may select a fedora hat that is attractive and distinct and balances your overall attire from all the options. 

How will you wear a fedora? 

Now that you are sure you want to invest your money in fedora hats, it’s time to understand the different ways of wearing one. Fedora hats look best when you pair them with a jacket. You can go for formal jackets or a three-piece suit that pairs well with fedora hats. These make you look seasonally appropriate with a gangster glimpse. More so, these get designed with distinct features that make you look attractive and elegant. 

When you keep the look classic, fedora hats become a part of vintage style. It pairs well with classic clothes like leather gloves and a double-breasted suit. You may also wear fedora hats with formal attire like a white shirt with black pants. All the people wear fedora hats in the winter season; they are not that bad for the summer months. You may opt for fedora hats in the summer, spring or fall. 

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