Why Health Education Is Important?

Updated on February 25, 2020

When you look at the global figures of deaths related to obesity or other health issues, then it should underline the importance of health education. 

When you look at the commercials that air during your favorite show, there is always something about some or another pill that will change your life. But how much of this can you avoid? Here are the top reasons why health education is important.

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Ignorance is bliss

Not too long ago, a man sued a large fast-food chain for making him fat. It was as if he didn’t know that the food that he was consuming was unhealthy and there were consequences to his eating too much fast food. 

People are oblivious to what their food and other habits are doing to them. They end up with chronic illnesses and a host of medication, all because of self-inflicted bad health. If it’s in the shop, then it can’t be unhealthy, or that is maybe what most people believe. 

The truth is that food companies are more interested in your money than your health and if something is tasty regardless of its health benefits, then all is good. 

What I do now, influences my future

When you have youth on your side, then you don’t feel the effects of a bad diet as much. Your body heals and regenerates itself faster and you are none the wiser. 

The problem is that you could be doing damage that will only manifest later in life in the form of diabetes, heart disease or other chronic illnesses. The sooner you start cultivating healthy eating habits, the less likely you will be to struggle with some health issues later in life. 

It doesn’t stop at food either. Baz Luhrmann said it best when he said that if there is one thing that you should always remember, it is the sunscreen. Your skin is a sensitive organ and when you’re sunbathing a lot, you are setting yourself up for skin cancer. 

Having a tanned body is cool when you are young, but later in life, you’ll look like a prune. You age much faster than you should and your skin shrivels up.


When you are young, your body functions at a much better rate and you are not as aware of the effects of your poor health choices. The importance of health education cannot be stressed enough as it provides you with self-awareness and the foresight to see that what you are doing is either sustainable or not. 

More than that, it gives you the knowledge and skills to improve your current state and make healthy decisions later in life. Just because something is fun, it doesn’t mean that it is good for you. 

Going out partying and abusing alcohol, might be fun and funny at times, but it does your body no good. You could even develop a dependence on it and then you sit with much more than just the physical repercussions. 

Make wise decisions and devote time to physical activities, whether by going to the local park, joining a fitness center or attending yoga classes. 

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Physical health

People are creatures of habit, but bad habits are much harder to break than establishing healthy ones. When it comes to physical health and fitness, it could not be truer. When you are young, it is much easier to become fit than when you are older. 

Not only that, you also lose weight much faster when you are young. This is because your metabolism is still working at much faster rates. 

When you don’t establish an active lifestyle early in your life, you’ll have a much harder time breaking out of it when you are older. It takes longer to get fit and you’ll experience a lot more discomfort with sore muscles and joint pains when you get into it later in life. 

In terms of health education, fitness is one of the most underrated aspects that should be taught with a lot more diligence. It doesn’t only play a role in your sporting abilities, but your overall mobility when you need it the most. 

Mental health benefits

If you don’t know it yet, your diet plays a massive role in your mental health. Have you ever watched the movie Super Size Me? After a while, malnutrition can even make you depressed. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. 

Not getting enough good nutrition in your body means that you don’t have as much energy as you need. What happens next is that you constantly feel tired and then you start to neglect physical activities. 

If you prolong this unsustainable lifestyle, you start to get depressed because you don’t have the will, not the energy to do anything. Everything seems like a chore and too much effort and then you become depressed because you don’t feel like doing anything all the time. 


Health education importance has always been somewhat watered down. This is mainly because kids are generally healthy, or they seem to be healthy on the outside. In many cases, their bodies don’t agree on the inside and serious damage is caused due to their lack of knowledge. If schools are to turn the tide for future generations, they need to pay more attention to their health education programs. 

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