Why Eagle Mountain Is a Great Home for Families

Updated on August 9, 2021

Anyone who’s planning to move to Utah usually sets their sight on Salt Lake City. No question, it’s the state’s capital. It is also home to fantastic universities and a diverse population.

However, Utah is a vast state, and it offers many equally great places beyond its capital. One of these is Eagle Mountain. Located in Utah County, it is an underrated, family-friendly destination.

Find out why looking for a property for sale in Eagle Mountainis worth it:

1. Nature Surrounds It

Finding a home in Eagle Mountain means being closer to nature. On the south is the Lake Mountains, while on the east is the Utah Lake. Within a 130-square-kilometer area are over 30 parks. One of these is a unique bike park.

Nature is healthy for families in many ways. One, those hiking trails and bike paths encourage everyone to stay active. It then reduces the risks of both childhood and adult obesity rates. As a metabolic condition, having excess fat can result in chronic diseases. These include cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, and diabetes, even for young ones.

Nature is also an excellent stress reliever because ofits calming effect. Clean air and green plants can bring a person’s attention away from their worries or anxieties. Nature-related objects are also easy on the eyes.

2. Eagle Mountain Seems More Affordable than Salt Lake City

Eagle Mountain isn’t the cheapest place in Utah, but the cost of living seems lower than in the state capital. According to Best Places, Salt Lake City is over 2% more expensive than Eagle Mountain.

Property for sale in Eagle Mountain, for example, can cost around $346,000. In Salt Lake, though, it can balloon to nearly $400,000. Food and groceries are also cheaper here.

Even when transportation and healthcare are costlier in Eagle Mountain, one’s money can still go furtherherethan living in the capital.

3. The Median Income Is High

Many people living in Eagle Mountain have a high median household income. Based on the data from the World Population Review, it reached over $75,000. The national average was $63,000 in 2019.

The unemployment rate in the area is also 2.7%, which is lower than that of the United States at 3.9%. Eagle Mountain’s poverty level is around 7%, which is nearly half that of Utah and way below the national average at 12%. For those who worked for at least a year, this level significantly drops to less than 2%.

One of the reasons is educational attainment. The World Population Review data revealed that most of the residents completed some college. At least 27% hold a bachelor’s degree, while 14% have an associate’s degree. Nearly 6% of them possessed a master’s degree.

4. Health Is Doing Great in Eagle Mountain

According to Livability.com, over 90% of the population owns health insurance, while 16% of them jogged in the past year. Over 25%, meanwhile, consumed organic food within the last six months.

The residents also enjoyed the outdoors. More than 20% of them saw at least one sports event for the past 12 months. Around the same percentage went to the zoo.

Raising a family isn’t the most comfortable journey, but it becomes more manageable when adults learn to choose the best place to build a home. In Utah, Eagle Mountain is a viable option.

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