Why Does the Filipino Culture Fit Customer-Oriented Businesses?

Updated on May 4, 2020

If you have ever called a company’s hotline to complain about a product or ask for technical help, there’s a big chance you’ve spoken to a Filipino. Many American companies have moved their customer service to the Philippines because of logistical reasons and operational costs. But more than that, they found they receive the best service from Filipinos.

In the Philippines, the business process outsourcing or BPO industry employs about 1.2 million Filipinos from all walks of life. Many BPO companies require their workers to have a college degree, which is not impossible in the Philippines with its high percentage of college-degree holders. Though the opportunities remain to be scarce in other sectors, Filipinos love working in BPO companies because of the attractive compensation and benefits.


A 2019 study by the United Nations showed that the Philippines has the highest literacy rate among Southeast Asian nations. Its literacy rate is at 97.95%, with females at 98.9% and males at 97% among those aged 15 to 24 years old. BPO companies can tap into this pool of individuals who can understand customer service policies and deliver efficient help to customers.

English Fluency

Filipinos can read and write well in English. How frustrating would it be for your customers if they talk with a customer service representative who cannot understand what they are complaining about? Back in 2012, the Philippines topped the global index for business English proficiency. The country continues to rank high to this day, making Filipinos one of the best to hire for customer service jobs. Other Southeast Asian countries even send their students to the Philippines to learn English.

Western Fit

Western ideologies are prevalent in the Philippines. Hollywood movies are being shown there consistently. Its lineup of top Netflix movies consists of American and British films and shows. Filipinos have embraced Western culture so much that companies see them as a great fit for their company culture. Plus, they can adapt well and are reliable in the workplace.


Filipinos are known for being hospitable. That’s the reason a lot of expatriates move to the Philippines. They love how welcoming Filipinos are. This same hospitality is apparent in the way Filipinos who work in BPO companies respond to customer complaints and inquiries. They are warm and not easily annoyed by customers. They follow the adage that “customers are always right” to a T. Also, Filipinos are diplomatic, always trying to find a solution to their customers’ problems.

Respect to the Elderly

There is an established hierarchy in Filipino society wherein Filipinos shouldn’t talk back to their elders and superiors. They bring this same attitude to the workplace. You will rarely find Filipino employees who talk back to their bosses or customers. Even if the customers tend to be annoying, they won’t raise their voices or be disrespectful toward them.

If you need to outsource your customer service jobs, there’s no better place to pick than the Philippines. The Filipinos’ warm and welcoming personalities are perfect for the kind of job you will require from them. You’ll have your money’s value back in no time.

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