Why Do Young People Take Drugs?

Updated on November 9, 2020

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Anyone faces challenges in their lives, and none of these are unique than those faced by young adults. A teenager should focus their attention on creating a unique way to treat their insecurities, addictions, and fears. Learning life skills is primary for the young generation. Many of them lost the fight with themselves or didn’t even know how to handle certain situations. When it comes to addiction, young people need an environment with a treatment experience to feel valued, heard, and appreciated. Only this way can they start taking new steps to live their lives fully. In this article, you’ll see why young adults use illegal substances.

To feel good

Several types of drugs are being used by young people, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and certain pills. It means that they either take prescribed medicines differently from their doctor told them to or use substances other than how they are supposed to. A common purpose of why these young teenagers use harmful substances is because they want to feel good. Abusing drugs means that you’ll have feelings of pleasure. Drugs can interfere with the way someone acts, receive information, and how they deliver messages. The drugs attached to the brain confuses the normal communication between neurons. Some areas in the brain affected by drug use include the extended amygdala, prefrontal cortex, and basal ganglia.

To improve their athletic experience

Some young people found that their athletic experience can be improved due to the consumption of drugs. Drug abuse among athletes is no longer uncommon. Athletes aren’t immune to addiction; they’re even more prone to user drugs due to the intense pressure they need to perform. Sometimes, they need to use these substances to improve their athletic performance or cope with stress. Famous athletes have spoken about their battle against drug use. Although practicing all kinds of sports is incredibility positive, some exceptions push athletes over the edge. Researchers have found that therapy might be effective for some individuals. At Dual diagnosis treatment center, you’ll receive treatment for mental health disorders and addiction. Dual diagnosis means that a person can be treated for both the mental health problem and addiction, which occurs together in 90% of the cases.

To cope with their stress-related disorders

Some young adults suffer from anxiety, depression, and other stress-related disorders, which can become physically painful. For this reason, they end up taking drugs to get some relief. Stress is a factor that can make someone feel vulnerable and with low self-esteem. Stress exposure increases drug-seeking. This is why many young adults end up deteriorating their lives. Drugs can relieve stress, although they can harm your overall health. Trauma in childhood is the primary reason why teenagers are vulnerable to drugs. The workplace can also cause stress to people, so it may be necessary to change your job or learn how to control your decisions.

Drug use in young people could be prevented or treated. There are many programs, schools, and other communities that may help people fight addiction.

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