Why do people love jadeite bracelet

Updated on March 10, 2021

  The bracelet is a ring ornament on the wrist, especially the jadeite bracelet is the most popular in China. Chinese women have always liked to decorate their arms with bracelets, and wearing bracelets can enhance their temperament.

  Wearing a Tanzanite or jadeite bracelet is not only because it is a beautiful decoration, but also because it also promotes human health. As one of the most important jewels in Chinese culture, the jadeite infinity bracelet is rich in Chinese culture, which makes it colorful.

  In China, people think that jade can protect people from evil and avoid disaster. The design of jadeite bracelets is generally based on auspiciousness, love, and blessing. Even when some people broken bracelets, it can send your information and hopes to heaven, so that your hopes can be realized.

  Asian women are women who love beauty and Stackable Jewelry. The wearer uses the elegant colors of the jadeite bracelet to show their proud and confident skin. The color of the jadeite bracelet is different types of.

  When the jade custom name bracelets and the graceful body are combined, it will undoubtedly play the ingenious role of ” add a word or two to clinch the point”. This is the supreme realm of natural beauty and human beauty. It seems to embody the perfect combination of man and nature, actually women implied temperament.

  The theory of traditional Chinese medicine proves that jade has the effect of calming heart rate, reducing blood pressure and stabilizing emotions. It has certain cardiac assisting effects for patients whose heart not good or high blood pressure, which can lower blood pressure, stabilize heart rate, reduce impatience, tension and alleviate stress, refreshing and responsive to memory.

  The left hand is closest to the heart. The jade bracelet worn on the left hand during daily work and study is the easiest to access the heart, and the benefits to the heart are best. Therefore, the traditional jade bracelet for your girlfriend is generally worn on the left hand.

  In the process of wearing jade custom name bracelets, these trace elements gradually penetrate into the human body along the skin tissue through frequent rubbing with the human body, effectively supplementing trace elements that are not ingested by human food, thereby achieving balance, regulating physiology and improving various kinds immunity.

  Natural jade contains a variety of minerals necessary for the human body. Because it is directly in contact with the skin when wearing jade bracelets, most of the natural jade is natural stone, which can absorb the body fluids of the human body. Frequently wearing jade can make the trace elements contained in jade inhaled into the human body through the skin, so as to balance the imbalance of yin and yang, and make people suffer from rickets.

  The mechanism of jade health has also been confirmed by modern science. As a close-fitting solid gold name necklace, the jade bracelet will become more and more transparent after being worn for a certain period of time.


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