Why CBD Oil in the UK is Being Used for Back Pain Relief

Updated on November 14, 2020

The number of people in the UK living with back pain is huge! It is estimated that upwards of 30 million people have to put up with the inconvenience of living with back pain.

This is a frightening figure as the number equates to nearly half of the population. And it is precisely why Britons have had enough of it. So, one way to treat back pain is to use CBD oil.

If you aren’t familiar with CBD oil, then do know it is a miracle solution for back pain relief. However, if you still don’t believe us, then make sure to read below.

CBD and the History

CBD oil is a product that uses CBD and other ingredients to deliver various benefits. Out of the many benefits that CBD provides, back pain relief is a huge one.

People with chronic pain issues benefit the most from CBD oil. And this isn’t any untrue statement that roams the internet. The Ancient Egyptians, Arabs, and Greeks all documented the use of CBD for pain relief.

Unfortunately, alternative means of solving issues aren’t very popular in the 21st century. But if there is one silver lining in all this is that CBD is gaining a lot of tractions among Britons and the Western world in general.

CBD Oil for Back Pain Relief

This, as some would call magical, compound comes from the cannabis plant and hemp. The main misconception about CBD is that it can get you high. This is untrue as THC is a compound that possesses psychoactive properties.

CBD is but one out of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. And with the help of CBD, we can experience pain relief benefits. But how does CBD actually do this?

While we still need to do further human testing and research, the science round it is pretty simple. CBD manages back pain by lowering inflammation.

We can apply the oil through the skin, digest it orally, or smoke it. However, since we’re talking about oil it’s important that we explain what it is and how to use it.

CBD oil involves the use of CBD, some form of oil, which is mostly MCT oil, and other ingredients that help give the product its shape, form, taste, and in some cases, aroma.

Different Types of CBD Oil

There are several different types of CBD oil in the UK market. There exists full-spectrum, broad-spectrum oil and isolate. 

Full-spectrum oil and broad-spectrum oil differ in a single factor – THC. Broad-spectrum is completely void of THC, while full-spectrum oil contains no more than 0.3%.

That is nowhere near enough to get you high, but just about enough for you to experience the “Entourage Effect”. This effect is achieved when the product contains every cannabinoid including THC. All these work in accordance to provide you with a feel-good factor.

Why the UK Uses CBD For Back Pain Relief?

There are many reasons why this product is so popular in the UK. Mainly it is because back pain is very difficult to manage and conventional means rarely do the job.

Since CBD is labelled as an “alternative” means to dealing with various issues, lots of Britons give it a shot simply because they have no other option.

Another reason why Britons love it is down to the fact that it is 100% natural and organic. The oil goes through a specialised process that throws plenty of organic ingredients into the mix.

Also, to sell CBD oil manufacturers need to vouch for the validity of it. As you might know, there are special rules in place that manufacturers must adhere to if they are to sell their products on the UK market.

This effectively makes sure that every product is made up to standard, ensuring the population that they’re getting the best CBD available.

How to Find the Best Oil For Back Pain Relief?

As you might expect, the CBD oil may vary in potency. The more potent the oil, the better the results. And if you’re suffering from chronic back pain, then you should go for more potent solutions.

Depending on the severity of the pain, you should easily find the best one for your needs by simply taking a look at the label of each product. The label contains excellent information about the product. From strength to ingredients and usage, you’ll find it all there.

Naturally, this is a great way to find the best CBD oil for back pain relief. But there are also other ways.

A simple way to do that is to look for online reviews about each product. In most cases, the company that sells them will also show what people say about it. But an even better way to do that is to visit websites that offer an honest opinion about the product or to see what other people say on 3rd party websites.

Other Types of Pain That CBD Oil Helps With

Back pain isn’t the only type of pain that can be solved with CBD oil. This product is notorious for helping people with migraines, arthritis, sclerosis, and all types of chronic pain.

All it takes is a quick Google search and you’ll quickly find tons of helpful information on each subject.

How to Take CBD Oil?

As we said in an earlier point, every bit of information, that also included usage, will be displayed on the label of the product. You can take the oil orally under the tongue or mix it into foods and beverages.

The easiest way to take it orally is to buy it in the form of tinctures. Tinctures are small bottles that come with a droplet that makes consumption very easy. All that it takes is a few drops of oil under the tongue and you’re good to do.

If taking it this way, make sure to keep it there for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Finishing Thoughts

The UK uses CBD oil for back pain relief, among other things. The popularity of the product is slowly rising, making it the UK’s favorite way to a life free of back pain.

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