Why CBD Oil Helps People with Epilepsy?

Updated on September 28, 2019

Science and medicines walk hand in hand! People always expect that medications can cure all ailments. But unfortunately, that is not true. It is especially true concerning epilepsy drugs. Most don’t work as effectively as people expect. And chronic epilepsies often result in premature deaths.

Can CBD oil help?

The news that CBD oil can cure several chronic ailments has become prevalent all around the globe. There’s anecdotal evidence of cannabis oil helping control seizures that result from epilepsy. Very few studies got conducted concerning epilepsy cure with CBD oil. However, these studies which are less in number have revealed that CBD oil can work effectively in treating epilepsy in adolescents and children. A lot of CBD products in South Africa boast a full-spectrum profile of cannabinoids which is great for a variety of reasons.

Recent evidence worth mentioning

Billy Caldwell is one of the few people who were using CBD oil for treating his epilepsy. The CBD oil that he was using got confiscated at the Heathrow Airport, by security authorities. Reports claim that this little boy was entirely free from seizures for over 250 years when he was using the oil. However, the seizures started to reoccur, the moment he witnessed CBD oil withdrawal. The case got reported to the airport authorities, and one of the few bottles of CBD oil was given back. It came with a license for 20 days, to administer the medicine.

CBD oil and its impact on epilepsy 

It is interesting to understand the way CBD oil works on epilepsy. The two essential components of CBD oil are CBD and THC. People can buy CBD oil in a few places like Australia and the UK. In Australia, people need to provide a medical prescription or license for the same. However, in the UK, people can purchase CBD oil with no prescription. The reason why CBD oil works and is getting legalized is that it has very less concentration of THC.

Few samples of CBD oil comprise of THC in higher quantities. And that is made illegal as it can have addictive effects and zero medicinal value.

Also, there is other evidence that CBD can help in treating epilepsies. It can help with Lennox Gastaut and Dravet syndrome. One of the benefits that the pharma vertical have is that such chronic ailments having almost no cure can get fast-tracked for drug development. And keeping this in mind, the drug and food administration authorities, in most countries are considering providing a license for CBD legalization for remedying epilepsies. And this is one of the reasons why drugs like Epidiolex has been made available in many places by 2018.

Important facts to consider

It is essential to realize that name such as Epidiolex and the like, gets designed for oral consumption and gets derived from the CBD plant. You shouldn’t be comparing it with those CBD oils that cause fatal side effects, because of high THC mix. You can also buy these products at health food stores. Since CBD oil is said to reduce stress and calm the mind, that is the starting point of all healing; people are starting to use it for treating epilepsy. The claims that CBD oil can help with epileptic attacks are all anecdotal. If these claims get supported with scientific facts and clinical trial outcomes, people can have a better idea about its effects and positive results.

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