Why Become a Nurse Practitioner?

Updated on January 14, 2022

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system since they make up approximately 50% of healthcare workers. While the number of nurses and midwives globally stands at an estimated 20.7 million, this figure is inadequate to support different countries’ populations. The need for nurses became even more evident during the rise of the pandemic, which cost millions of lives.

The negative side of a career in nursing is what most people discuss and often overlook its good side. Nursing is a rewarding job that allows you to improve people’s quality of life. Although like any other career, it has its challenges, the positive side usually outweighs the downside. If you want to become a registered nurse, the following benefits of being one will motivate your decision even more.


Most jobs require their employees to work at least 8 hours each day for at least five days which may not suit everyone. However, nurses work in shifts instead of specific hours, giving you the liberty to choose your preferred work hours. Working hours also vary depending on the type of facility. For example, nurses in hospitals work 12-hour shifts for at least three days.

While the working hours are longer than that of an average employee, so are the off days. Since you have congested all effort in a few days, you also have much time left to relax and get your personal life in order.

Job security

Nursing services will always be in demand, both in developing and well-established countries. For this reason, nurses don’t have to worry about their careers becoming insignificant as time goes by. Finding a job as a nurse is never a daunting task, whether you are fresh out of school or you need a different working environment.

While you may not land your best job immediately, you can always work your way to better positions which means significant pay. Another advantage of being a nurse practitioner is that you can work anywhere in the world besides your home country. You can spend a year abroad with the confidence that you can get a job. A good example is Australia, which needs nurses and even offers visas to nurses migrating to their country.

Offers multiple opportunities

While long-term facilities such as hospitals have been the largest employers of registered nurses, it is not the only area where nurses can offer their services. Due to the evolving healthcare needs, nurses can now work in different settings, including learning institutions and military bases. Your choice of practice setting is never limited.

Besides work settings, nurses can also advance or further their education to specialize in a specific field. For example, if you love taking care of children, you can specialize in pediatrics to explore your interests.

You can make a difference

Nursing is that job that gives you many chances to improve people’s lives from different backgrounds. As a nurse, you spend most of your time interacting with patients and their families. These patients usually have various health problems, with some being critically ill than others. Over time, you build a relationship with them and become an integral part of your life.

By taking them through their medical journey, you will be so excited to see them get to go home after an extended stay at the hospital. If you are taking care of a child with a physical deformity, it can be exciting to see them take their first steps after recovery. Other days might be more challenging than others, especially when a patient succumbs to an illness. Regardless of the circumstances, the satisfaction of being a nurse is unmatched.

Nursing is a trusted career

The community respects nurses and considers them to have high ethical values. Since they are trusted with peoples’ lives, the public regards them as caring. Their role in society is admirable, and for this reason, nursing has maintained the top spot for the most trusted career for over 16 years.

Qualities that make a good nurse, such as empathy, good communication skills and emotional stability, are essential for each nurse practitioner. Nurses need to apply these in their day-to-day lives to maintain healthy and stable relationships between patients and colleagues.  

Nursing allows you to experience all the benefits listed above and more. Whether you are looking into becoming a nurse practitioner or need to advance your career, you can get more insight on lecturio.com.

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