Updated on February 17, 2023

In this article, I will try to help you achieve success in World of Warcraft: Classic by choosing the right class for the game. A class that fits not only because of its history, but also because of its convenience in mastering PVE and PVP content, and last but not least, which will be fun to play in the future.

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The first class I want to talk about is the hunter. Although it is easy to learn to play for them, not everyone is given to comprehend the skill of a hunter. This is due to the fact that they need to control a lot of things: the dead zone, positioning of the pet, the use of full or reduced rotation, and on top of that, they also need to take into account movement, cooldowns and auto-attack timer.

When it comes to leveling, hunters come first. They have strong pets, no heavy dependency on equipment, and increased mobility thanks to Spirit of the Cheetah, which in theory gives the hunter infinite speed and the ability to solo group quests.

Although hunters are very important in raids due to their Tranquilizing Shot and kite ability, they are in last place among all damage dealers, being further than locks, warriors, mages and rogues. Either way, don’t worry, the hunter’s style is fluid and unique, and just plain fun to play. The class is revealed differently regarding your choice of pets and various abilities.


Now let’s look at the priest. At level 60, it is assumed that the priest will be a healer in dungeons and raids. And in general, they are the most versatile healers in the game. They have a strong single target heal, average hots, above average raid heals, but they have strong shields that absorb damage. Because of this, Priests were usually at the top of the heal list in raids, and many considered them to be the top pick for vanilla healers.

Regarding the pumping of the SHP at a height. Their high stability paired with easy rotation and increased wand damage made them one of the most enjoyable to level classes in the game. The rotation is something like this: hit the target, use Mind Flay, hit the wand a few times and Mind Blast. Repeat up to level 60. But, anyway, the priests have poor mobility, and it is difficult for them to cope with several mobs at once. So the leveling speed is lower than that of the hunter, feral druid and warlock.


The next class on our list is the Warrior. He is very fun to play in all aspects of group PVP and PVE. The focus here is on the word “group”. Warrior is difficult to play alone and with not enough good items. Before level 60, warriors have a hard time, if not worse. They rely heavily on gear and have little stability and mobility. All of this makes the Warrior the slowest leveling class in Vanilla, especially on the new realms where you don’t have the ability to drop gear or gold from the main. But, one way or another, investments are worth their strength.


The next class we’ll talk about is the warlock. Lock is another underrated class, but don’t be fooled.

Warlocks are a class with pets and are therefore fun to level up. They can fight 3-5 enemies at a time, they are not gear bound, they have high stability, they can be healed by the so-called “cucumbers” and resurrect with the help of the Soul Stone. Their problem is that they suffer from low mobility compared to hunters and druids who have the Spirit of the Cheetah and improved marching form.


And finally, we get to the last class – the shaman. In Vanilla, they were only available to the Horde, and some considered them the most desirable healers in the Horde raid. They weren’t very mana efficient, and not top until Ahn’Qiraj and Naxxramas, but their totems, and Windfury Totem in particular, were a must. Usually in Horde raids there were 5-6 or more restaurant shamans so that all the melees had access to the buff of this totem.

90% of the time as a Healing Shaman you will be spamming Chain Heal of various ranks. AOE healing was almost non-existent in Vanilla, and Shamans were unique in that they had at least some form of AOE healing with their Chain Heal.

That’s all for me. We have reviewed some of the best (in my opinion) PVE classes that you can play as in World of Warcraft: Classic. We hope our article will help you decide.

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