Who Reads the Newspaper?


We recently came across a great blog post from Jennifer Sheran at Sheran Memories regarding the state of printed reading material today.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I had just returned from an evening walk with my black lab. On my way up the driveway, I picked up the current edition of the local community newspaper and joined my husband and my daughter on the couch to settled in and see what issues were of importance and what events were coming up in my town.

My daughter looked over and exclaimed, “Mom, who reads the newspaper? There’s this thing called the internet.”

A sign of the times I guess. My pre-teen is hooked in to all things digital. I am quite the technology user myself. But news is my business. With the decline in the newspaper business in recent years, there is still a lot of value in all things local as presented in the community paper.

While I am connected via Facebook and eNews alerts to my local Patch, there is a deeper connection I get by reading the paper and seeing the pictures.”

Read the rest on her site.