Which ginseng is best for erectile dysfunction?

Updated on May 5, 2021

What is erectile dysfunction? 

The Erectile Dysfunction takes place when the man is unable to achieve and sustain erection enough during the time of intercourse. This condition is quite common in men who are 75 or older, but it is also prevalent among younger men. 

Causes of ED and treatment 

The impotence is caused due to psychological issues, physiological factors, or distorted lifestyle. The alternation in lifestyle is not actually enough to alleviate the symptoms of this particular disorder. You might require erectile dysfunction medication to eradicate the symptoms. Alternatively, there are penile procedures to help treat ED. Fortunately, there are many prescribed medications which are available for Erectile Dysfunction treatment, but there is also one herbal remedy by the name of Red Ginseng, which has been reported to treat this particular sexual condition. However, there are many of the considerations to make before actually utilizing this Korean herb as a remedy for impotence.

Introduction of red ginseng

The red ginseng, known as Panax Ginseng, is a Korean herb which is being extensively utilized for treating a number of conditions including impotence. It is one of the primitive herbs. It not harvested at all till the plant acquires the age of at least six years. This herb is a root which comprises of stalks and has a resemblance of human being body with arms as well as the legs. It has been manufactured either in the form of tea or the pills for sale.

Research studies for determining the effectiveness of red ginseng in curing impotence

The red ginseng thought to improve the hormonal impact, which has a similarity to the male sex hormone testosterone. However, when the testosterone level of a man was being measured after the consumption of this Korean herb, there was not found any significant increase. In a review study conducted in 2008 by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, there found a significant improvement in the condition of erectile function in comparison to the placebo. 

In another study which was published in “International Journal of impotence research,” 119 men who were suffering from moderate erectile dysfunction were given 350 mg of this Korean herb for four times in a day for a consecutive period of 8 weeks. Towards the end of eight weeks, there was a decrease in premature ejaculation and an improvement in sexual performance. 

The possible mechanism of action of Korean Red Ginseng is that it accelerates the level of nitric oxide in the body, which causes the relaxation of the penis muscles by increasing the blood flow. However, more researches are required for illustrating the mechanism of action of this particular herb clearly. Lastly, in the” Asian Journal of Andrology” in 2009, there was a review study which was published which had illustrated that 86 men when given 1000 mg dosage of ginseng extract for eight weeks has an improvement in the condition of impotence and also improvement was found in the overall satisfaction level. 

Recommendations of Korean Red Ginseng

The products of this particular herb vary in the quality and also the medicinal properties. Hence it is highly recommended to check out the ingredients of the products before making the final purchase. Some of the products have found to contain very less amount of ginseng while others contain many other ingredients too. 

Some ED Medication Treatment

Conventional benefits of Red Ginseng

The red ginseng is being utilized for the preparation of energy-boosting tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. It is also called as a general well-being medicine as it influences various body systems. This herb comprises of a compound called ginsenosides which are found to be highly beneficial for the human body.

Few additional benefits of Red Ginseng include:

  • Improvement in overall well being
  • Causes a reduction in fatigue
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Boosts physical stamina
  • Improves concentration
  • Retards aging process
  • Helpful in respiratory and cardiac diseases

 Possible side effects of Red Ginseng

Although, not a lot of data could be compiled on the long term side effects of this particular herbal remedy as per the report published in the” British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology” there was no existing drug interaction. Few possible side effects of red ginseng include:

  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Stomach upset
  • Constipation


Just like in various other medical conditions, Red Ginseng is not the only natural remedy to cure the condition of impotence. For all those men who want to avoid the use of drugs for curing ED, there is innumerable lifestyle changes which can be incorporated for improving the condition of erectile dysfunction followed by potential natural remedies and a few additional therapies as well. It is extremely crucial for the person to talk to the practitioner first before starting to take any particular medication, herbal remedy or just stopping any of the prescribed medication which is suspected to be the cause of impotence.

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