When to contact an attorney after an oil accident?

Updated on May 15, 2021

What Happens to an Oil Tanker Worker Who Was Injured on the Job? Are you entitled to collect compensation for your injuries? And what about the family of a Hobbs worker who is killed in an oil accident? Are they legally entitled to collect money damages for their loss?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, it’s time to contact a Houston oilfield accident lawyer for answers. You must consult with our attorneys immediately so that we can explain your legal rights and options. Our experienced attorneys can quickly review the facts of your case and advise you on whether it would be beneficial to file a claim for compensation given your particular circumstances.

Having an experienced attorney on your side is important because there are a few different and often complicated paths you must take to recover compensation after an oil accident, for example:

  • A workers ‘compensation claim: In Houston, many employees are able to collect workers’ compensation payments under a state-regulated system if they suffer a work-related injury or illness. A workers’ compensation claim differs from a personal injury claim in several different ways. In particular, an injured employee does not need to prove any wrongdoing on the part of his employer to collect workers’ compensation benefits. An injured worker could collect benefits even if they were at fault for the accident. However, workers’ compensation benefits are limited by law and may not cover all losses.
  • A personal injury claim: If you were injured in an accident caused by the negligence or carelessness of someone else, someone other than your employer or co-workers, you may have the right to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Typically, a legal claim alleges that someone owed you a duty of care that you failed to fulfill and, as a result, you were injured. For example, if you were working in an oil field and were seriously injured in an accident with a trucker working for a different company, you can file a third-party personal injury claim against the driver and his employer.
  • A wrongful death claim: A wrongful death claim is a claim for compensation filed by a family member after losing a close relative due to someone else’s negligence or willful wrongful act. If your loved one suffered an oil field injury that led to their untimely death, you may be entitled to collect monetary compensation from the responsible party or parties, either through a lawsuit or workers’ compensation death benefits.

How can Zehl & Associates help me?

If you have suffered oil rig injuries, oil field injuries, or have been damaged in an oil truck accident in Houston or elsewhere in Texas, please contact our law office as soon as possible. At Zehl & Associates, we are proud to take on cases of injured workers in oil fields.

Even if you are not sure if you have the right to file a claim, the best way to find out is by speaking with an experienced litigator who regularly handles these cases. While our goal is to negotiate a full and fair settlement on your behalf, our legal professionals prepare each case as if it were headed to court. To discuss your legal rights with one of our oil field accident attorneys during a free and confidential consultation, contact us via live chat, fill out our online contact form, or call or text us now.

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