When Should You Get Heart Screening Done by Top Cardiologist in Heart Specialist Clinic?

Updated on March 10, 2019

Health is wealth. And it’s important for us to not neglect our health, despite emotional and other life hazards. All good and bad experiences always have an impact on our health daily. Everything we undergo has an impact on our heart as well. From the food we eat, the experiences we go through, the stress, tension, and anxiety – all of it affects the heart negatively and positively.

It is essential to keep the heart health secure! Sometimes, the body throws subtle signs which show that our heart needs some medical care and attention. But we tend to overlook that completely! Until there comes a time when our health completely breaks, and we suffer from a heart condition. Taking note of these subtle and minute signs is important. It’s a smart call to get an annual heart screening done from a heart specialist. Also, some of the important signs that you shouldn’t avoid at any cost include the following:

1. Frequent breathlessness

The obvious concern that evokes when you face breathlessness is your weight! It’s true that obese people are subject to breathlessness or short breath more than slim people. However, this doesn’t mean you are out of danger. Obesity has a way to affect many body parts. It also affects heart health. Sometimes, the extra flesh forms layers around the heart walls and poses difficulty in breathing as well. It is always better to get a checkup done and ensuring the best course of action to stay fit.  

2. Chest pain 

Sometimes, people confuse chest pains with gas pains. There are moments when intestinal and stomach gas travels up the body causing pains in the chest. Gas pains in the chest will reduce in no time, with a few burps or as soon the gas gets released. However, if it’s a heart ailment, you will experience a cringing feeling in your chest. The feeling would be uncomfortable and almost make you immobile for a while. Never ignore this condition. Instead of assuming the probable cause, it’s better to visit a heart specialist and get the best diagnosis done.

3. Irregular heartbeat

It is important to check your pulse rate and heartbeat from time to time! Occasionally, we see a heartbeat missing or racing faster, and we attribute it to either miscalculation or stress. The truth can be graver than that. You could be nursing a heart disease, at a nascent stage that needs your immediate attention. So if you resonate with this, it is always better to check with an able doctor than assuming the probable reason.  Proper medication and lifestyle changes can alter the condition as well. 

4. Stress after-effects

Do you work in a highly stress-driven condition? If yes, then you need to pay proper attention to your health. It is likely that you might face an irregular heartbeat or sudden sweat out of nowhere. If you have felt it once or twice, merely visit a heart specialist and let the doctor come to the verdict.

When you have a healthy heart, it helps you lead a wonderful life! The reverse is also true. Hence, if you face any of the above symptoms or others, make sure you get medically examined at the earliest.

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