When Should I Change the Water Filters in My Home?

Updated on September 23, 2020

The water filter in your home performs a valuable and essential function. Regardless of which type of water filter you have, it will remove contaminants from the water supply. The result is water that is safe to drink, smells better, and even tastes better.

But, the water filter system is only as effective as the water filter in the system. No matter which manufacturer you have chosen or how reputable your supplier of water filters Sydney is, if you don’t replace the filter regularly it’s like having no filter.

The question is how often should you change it?

Manufacturer’s Guidelines

The first step is to look at your manufacturer’s guidelines. This is something you should check when you first purchase the filter. Ideally, you should have a spare ready so that it can be changed at any time. 

The manufacturer’s guidelines will suggest how often the water filter will need replacing. You can follow these guidelines.

The good news is replacing the filter is usually a simple job, regardless of the type of water filter. Simply shut off the valve sending water to the filter and then unscrew the lid. You can withdraw the filter and dispose of it properly. Slide the new filter in place and you’re ready to go. 

Other Factors To Consider

Of course, the manufacturer’s guidelines are generalized. They assume a fixed number of people in the home and that dictates how much water will be used.

That’s the crucial element of any water filter, how much water can be processed through the filter before it is not as effective. Once you know this you’ll be able to calculate how long it takes your household to use that much water. 

Don’t forget, the more people there are in your household the greater the water consumption, and the quicker it will be that the water filter needs replacing.

The quality of your water will also make a difference in the life of the water filter. The more contaminants there are the harder your filter will need to work and the shorter its life will be.

A Rough Replacement Schedule

If you’re still not sure how long you should be waiting to replace your water filter then you may find it beneficial to know that most filters will last 6 months. This is not a guarantee but, if you have a spare filter ready you’ll be able to keep an eye on your supply and change it around the 6 month time.

There are several clear signs that your water filter needs to be replaced:

  • Black flecks appearing in the water
  • Color has changed, it’s not as clear as usual
  • Taste is different, usually not better
  • Your water is starting to smell
  • The light on your water filter system is on, telling you to change the filter.

If you see any of these signs change your water filter immediately. Should you have any doubts as to the condition of the old filter speak to the professionals, they’ll help to verify that you’ve replaced it at the right time.

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