What’s the best way to use Beard Oil?

Updated on April 4, 2022

One mistake common to many bearded men today is the wrongful assumption that timely maintenance of their beard depends on the volume. Some men sometimes delay using substantial beard maintenance products like beard oil until they have a larger volume of beard. They opine that only those with a full beard should use the oil. 

They failed to realize that both short and longer beards tend to become drier and often break away because of their distance to the source of natural hydration from the skin. So, it is advisable to use beard oil irrespective of your beard length and volume.

How do you know the right amount?

There are many great products out there, such as Bossman beard oil. And this oil performs wonders when used appropriately. Consistent use of them is the key to having a bespoke appearance with your beard. So, how do you know the right amount?

Well, the answer to that question lies with the changes in the thickness and length of your beard. The quantity required and frequency of usage for a full beard is different from that of a smaller volume. Hence, it bores down to the user’s discretion to apply the oil as appropriate. 

Some application tips

The first thing to do is ensure you have an excellent product like Bossman beard oil. Once you have it, you can start by putting an appropriate number of drops on your palms, after which you should rub them together to apply slight warmth to them. 

The next thing to do is to rub it into your beards. You can start this by either massaging it from top to bottom of the hairs or from the skin beneath your beard upwards. Now, use a suitable beard comb to increase the oil spread throughout the hair strands. Note that you do this helps further release the scents of the essential oil it contains.

Combing through also helps to manage the volume of the hair strands and allows the oil directly contact them. The beard oil then regularly prevents drying out by adding protective layers to the hair follicles in the beard. Hence, there will be no case of dandruff-causing flaking on the skin below the beards.

And the frequency of use?

All beards, whether large or small volume, needs nourishing and hydration, and the number of times to use the beard oil depends on the following factors:

  • The Length

Beards with longer strands often require using it twice a day because of the distance of the tips of each strand from the skin pores. The farther away it is, the easier for it to quickly dry and start breaking. However, applying the oil twice will cater to this occurrence. Also, a shorter length will require a small amount twice a day. The amount should be smaller to avoid having a greasy feel on your face throughout the day.

  • The weather

The two conditions stated above are perfectly applicable for a much drier day. But when the day is wetter or during the rainy period of the year, a one-time application should suffice. 

Another essential perk to using beard oils like the Bossman brand is that you can experiment with them because they do not affect your regular body cream or perfume.

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