What You Should Know About Vaping and Juuling

Updated on October 21, 2019

New trends that appear in our society bring differences in the way people live. It is important to adjust to the rules that the trend puts upon you. Therefore, if you want to follow a certain trend, it is better first to find out more about the trend and the impact that it might have on your life. The biggest change today is that people live in fear. Everyone is scared about the consequences of changing any major rule of society or even one of the basic rules of society all well as changes in personal life. People’s lives are in the hands of others. People are addicted to public opinion. The major medium for such addiction is mass media. People are becoming more dependent on others.

Vaping is a comparatively new hobby nowadays. It becomes more and more popular. The social strata of people, who vape vary. You can meet people with completely different levels of income & education, of different age, gender, and religious beliefs, but all of them might have one thing in common – they vape. To take the first step, please do not hesitate to read this brief article regarding e-cigarette use, their types, the safety rules, and other relevant information.


The question is quite difficult for the start because the pioneers in vaping it might be confusing to distinguish electronic cigarette from pod mod vape.

E-cigarette in all its forms can be defined as a portable, battery-powered device which, by heating the atomized liquid mixture directly, delivers certain nicotine level for electronic cigarettes, with the addition of glycerin and other e flavors and additives. It might contain no nicotine or its low level. In some of the common forms, e-cigarettes use a heating coil or battery – which in the case of e-cigarette is provided by a disposable heating device. The atomized liquid is then heated, and at the same time, the juice is delivered by the heating coil. This causes vaping juice to ignite and ignite the tobacco leaf containing nicotine


In general, all the vaping devices are called electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and they include vapes, vape pens, hookah pens, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, e pipes, and pod vapes guide by vaping daily. There exist many other terms used to describe this phenomenon. A vaper in the US refers to someone who has chosen to replace smoking with electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. By the way, according to the statistics, they usually have a higher nicotine intake than regular smokers and they mostly smoke flavored cigarettes.


To tell the truth, JUULing is not different from vaping at all. JUULing is the other name for vaping, that originated from a brand of e-cigarettes that look like USB memory sticks. JUUL devices are extremely popular among youth and teenagers. Because of a felicitous advertising campaign and the spread of it via Instagram and other social networking popular among teens, youth consider devices produced by JUUL being the best pod vape.

The most appealing to the kids about any kind of is pod vapes that they are flavored and children like trying different interesting tastes like bubble gum, latte, watermelon, etc. The problem here is that these sweet creamy or buttery flavorings (bubble gum, ice cream, cocoa) not only mask the negative effect of vaping as something entertaining and fun but also are the triggers of popcorn lungs.

Taking into account the facts above, we may conclude that JUULing is vaping mostly by people of a young age. In some contexts, JUULing is used as a synonym to ‘children vaping’ or to describe the situation of use of any pod mod vape by a person under 18.


  • If you take large doses of vapor and use your pod mod vape every half an hour, it might become extremely toxic as the liquids usually contain nicotine. Nicotine increases your heart rate, blood pressure, and makes it more difficult to breathe. The bad consequences vary from coughing to arrhythmia, to stomach ulcers, and to lung cancer.
  • In case you use a nicotine-free vape pen, you are still not on the safe side. Glycerin and other chemicals contained by e liquids are highly toxic for the body. Some manufacturers do not label the liquids at all, so you can never be sure what you inhale into your lungs. Most of the e liquids, as proved, contain cancerogenic elements even if they are nicotine-free.
  • The other danger while vaping is that tiny elements from the heating particle can cause a kind of inflammation in the lungs. They are, for sure, not nicotine tars, but might be as dangerous or even worse. Not a pleasure for your lungs to receive coil. The consequences might be pneumonia or bacterial infection.
  • Vaping still preserves the same problem as second-hand smoking. When you inhale some substances, people, who surround you, do the same. For sure, it is harmful to everybody, but the most dangerous is for small children, pets, pregnant women, and older people.
  • Being popular and well-advertised through the Internet, first of all, pod vapes keep their popularity among the youth, which leads to the addiction at an early age. This might lately lead to cigarette addiction, as well. In addition, it highly increases the risks of health problems for youth. The diseases are becoming “younger” because adolescents weaken their immune system by vaping.


If you want to be sure your child would not vape or smoke in the future, it is better to talk to your child from early childhood. Communication, in terms of upbringing, is the engine of progress. Therefore, it is better to talk to your kid as to adult, not with the language of prohibitions and fear. Try to make your child aware that the negative consequences of vaping overweigh the positive.

In case you have faced the problem of vaping in your family, the strategy is quite similar. You need to make the child your friend and explain to him or her the nuances of vaping. The child should want to quit him/herself. When you have succeeded in it, consult the doctor. A specialist would help you to develop a plan to put off cravings and will point out the main aspects of support that your child would need from you.

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