What you should know about THC detox

Updated on May 23, 2021

Are you scheduled for a job interview or a high school or college entrance exam? Then read this how-to detox from weed review through to the end if you’re a stoner intending to remove THC from your system quickly. Like many other individuals, you could be taking weed either for recreational or therapeutic purposes. 

You’ll be scheduled for a drug test in case you’re due to appear for a job interview or the qualifying round of a sports event. So, it follows that you’ll want to remove all traces of THC from your body to ensure clearing the test. You may also want to know the best detox methods and products for thoroughly cleansing your system of THC.

In this article on how to get weed out of your system, we walk you through some significant aspects about THC detox that you need to keep in mind.   

How much time does it take to remove weed from your system?

If you’ve been taking cannabis or marijuana for quite some time, there could be n number of reasons why you’d want to detox rapidly. You’ll want to detox as quickly as possible for clearing a drug test when you are:

  • Applying to a probation authority for parole
  • Appearing for a job interview
  • Scheduled by a medical practitioner for psychological and medical drug tests
  •  Appearing for a driving school test

These are some of the most common reasons why most people are required to appear for a drug test. In case you’ve been asked to take a drug test for any of the above reasons, you might be very eager to know how long THC stays in the system. If you’re a frequent or heavy user, then THC could remain in your body for a fortnight to thirty days.

Weed could stay in the system of those who take marijuana moderately for one to two weeks. And for those who’ve smoked or inhaled pot only once, THC remains in their order for 1-6 days. The safest and the best way to cleanse weed from your system is to wait patiently till THC is cleared naturally.

Aspects that affect the length of time THC remains in your body

Consumption method and THC content 

Eating cannabis-laced cookies or using it topically will give you a slower, albeit a concentrated high. Munching on cakes containing weed will result in a regular spiking of THC in your urine or blood. Smoking spliffs or cannabis cigarettes causes a fast and intense spiking of THC but also can be removed relatively quickly.    

Frequency of consumption or intake 

If you’ve been smoking joints frequently or consuming edibles regularly, you’ll have to cease for nearly a month if you wish to clear the test. On the other hand, passing the drug test is easier if you’ve taken weed only on one occasion as THC leaves your system within 24 hours. 

The amount of body fat 

THC tends to settle and accumulate in the adipose tissues or body fat. So if you are obese or overweight,  

Planning your detox

Your budget, frequency of use, weight, and the number of days remaining until you appear for the test will influence your detox plan. Given the availability of a wide variety of detox products, the above factors will determine the outcome that’ll be most suitable. If you smoke marijuana a great deal almost every day, then you’ll need 4-5 weeks to remove weed from your body. Reference the trusted Leafly guide for finding the best solutions to detox quickly from THC.

Alternatively, it may take about two weeks to clear out THC if you take cannabis on a reasonable basis and approximately one week if you ‘re a scant user. It would help if you stopped smoking weed altogether once you’re notified about the drug test and start your detox process as early as possible. You should be prepared to experience a few withdrawal symptoms while detoxifying like anxiety, increased heart rate, and restlessness.

Though such withdrawal symptoms are not harmful or damaging, you should nevertheless discuss with your physician, especially if you’re a medical marijuana user. Your doctor is the best person or professional who can correctly advise you on whether it’d be safe to detox.

 Exercise and diet for detox

Sticking to a diet low on carbohydrates and exercising regularly will accelerate fat burning, ultimately leading to the removal of THC from your body. However, you’ll have to ensure to arrest the melting of fat a couple of days before the test and follow an effective dilution routine for clearing the check. 

The best products for detox 

  • Certo Liquid Fruit Pectin
  • Toxin Rid

Detox products and techniques to steer clear of 

  • Products which do not have diuretics or electrolytes 
  • Apple vinegar
  • Starving or limiting consumption of food
  • Feasting before detox

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