What you should consider when buying lancets for the first time

Updated on April 23, 2020

Diabetes is a chronic disease that you have to learn to manage for all of your life. Because of that, you will require diabetes supplies. These tools help you to self manage your blood sugar levels at home without having to go to the hospital each time.

One of the essential supplies a diabetic patient should have is lancets. Patients use these tools to create small punctures on your skin so that you can get a little blood specimen. For most people, buying them for the first time can be a hustle.

Therefore, here are the things you should have in mind.

It should be universal

Most lancets have the same features and are compatible with lancing devices. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot find one that does not fit your lancing device.

Therefore, to avoid this, ensure that you check the lancet to find out whether it is compatible. It will save you some money since you will have to purchase a new device each time you want to test your glucose levels.

It should not hurt

Many people with diabetes quit testing their blood because they cannot stand needles or even the pain that a needle brings. For that reason, scientists are now coming up with new devices that do not need to fear anymore.

Good examples of such lancets are the Pip Lancets. If you are looking for needles that are gentle on your skin, then this is the product to use. You do not have to use much force when removing the blood sample.

Are they safe to use

Safety should always be your priority. Remember, needles can contaminate various diseases such as tetanus, especially if the manufacturer does not treat them well. Therefore, for safety purposes, you have to ensure that the FDA approves its use.

Additionally, it should clear instructions on it. For instance, you can reuse some lancets; however, for some, reusing them can be dangerous because they could get blunt after using it several times. Other than that, these needles should be safe for children to use.

Insurance is another thing that can ensure that you are using a safe product.

Check out reviews from different products

When you are looking for the right lancer for your needs, research is crucial. You cannot just buy blindly. Thus, you must know what previous clients are saying about the product.

As you do so, you also have to consult a medical practitioner. They have enough knowledge of these tools. He or she will also recommend the best, and will even tell you whether it is proper for you to use the needles.

Shipping methods

After you choose the most appropriate one for your needs, consult with the retailer about the shipping processes. Some companies offer different services when it comes to this. That is why.

With that in mind, if it is an emergency, these people should be able to get the product to you within the shortest time possible. Besides that, understand that the retailer may have to charge you extra to cater for the shipping expenses.

Final remarks

Lancets are sensitive tools, and that is the reason diabetic patients should be patient when buying the right product to use. If you purchase any, then it is easy to contract diseases if it is not safe.

Another thing is that some lancets are reusable. Nevertheless, Reusing them is not a good idea because it also puts you at risk of infections if the needle gets affected.

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