What You Need To Be Eligible For My Aged Care and Similar Services

Updated on August 4, 2020

As you get older, you are more and more in need of help and, if you are not willing to leave your home and go to a nursing facility, then you will have to think about alternative ways of getting the assistance you need and deserve. More often than not, the alternative way I am talking about turns out to be the perfect arrangement for everyone involved. The trick is, though, not everyone wants to admit they need services like these.

Before we get completely honest with each other and see whether you really need My Aged Care or anything similar, we need to check how these services work, as well as whether you are eligible for them. Australia really has a great way of taking care of the elderly population and it’s no wonder that you will start thinking about those ways as soon as you start getting older. Hold it right there, though, let us first see if you can apply for something like this at all.

What Is It?

When you reach a certain age, you’ll need age care services in Australia. In order to be able to use those services, you will first need to register with the My Aged Care or another, similar organization. These organizations help the elderly of Australia register and apply for an assessment and eventually get the care they deserve. Of course, the registration process and the assessment are a necessary step that everyone will need to take.

The assessment, for example, serves to determine whether you are eligible for aged care services or not. It’s not difficult to find all the information you need online, including the types of aged care services available, as well as their providers, costs and similar things. Simply put, the Internet can help you get all the information you need in order to get the help you deserve.

Are You Eligible?

The biggest mistake that you can make is to start thinking that everyone is eligible for the aged care services in Australia. While that would be perfect, it wouldn’t be a very sustainable option for the Government or anyone else. That’s why there are certain requirements that you will have to meet in order to become the user of these services. Click this to get more info about the whole concept.

Now, when you start thinking about this whole concept, you will need to check your eligibility before going any further. There’s no point in wasting your precious time on going through the whole process, including the paperwork and everything, only to finally find out that you don’t meet the necessary requirements. That would be rather frustrating.

That’s why you should check all your options before going through the whole procedure. Your eligibility depends on two important factors. Those are your actual need for support and assistance, as well as your age. You can find the clear requirements listed below:

  • 65+ years
  • 50+ years and either homeless, in risk of becoming homeless, or simply on an extremely low income
  • 50+ years for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons
  • 45+ and either homeless, in risk of becoming homeless, or simply on an extremely low income for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons

As you can see, the requirements differ slightly for Torres Strait Islander people or Aboriginals, but the concept is the same. If you meet these requirements and you believe that you could use some help in your everyday tasks because they are becoming rather difficult, then you should feel free to apply for aged care services in Australia. You’ll go through an assessment process and get the assistance you need.

Do You Need This?

Meeting all of the above requirements will start you thinking that you might benefit from services like these. The right question, though, is whether you need them. Having trouble eating, taking your meds, keeping the house in nice order and similar things are some of the good reasons to go through with the application you had in mind. In case you are finding it difficult to go through the day without any issues and you don’t have any help whatsoever, then you should definitely apply for something like this.

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