What to Do as a Passenger of a Ride-Sharing Car Involved in an Accident

Updated on October 15, 2019

The advent of modern technology has paved the way for an alternative means of transportation that offers a bit more comfort, privacy, and efficiency. Thanks to ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, you can avail of a pseudo-personal driver and hire him with his car to bring you wherever you need to be.

You Can’t Plan for Accidents

Unfortunately, no matter how careful your Uber driver is, accidents on the road can still happen. A Personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles said that extra caution must be taken while on the road, especially in Los Angeles, which has the highest rate of injury-causing and fatal traffic accidents in the country to date.

No matter how much you like to organize or plan things, an accident is just something you can never anticipate. You can be up early for work, ready to get there with your Uber driver, you hop on his car, and with a blink of an eye, you’re now in an accident. Who would have ever thought you will need an Uber accident attorney when you started your day? Life is really unpredictable.

Important Advice You Must Remember

The trusted West Coast Trial Lawyers said you will be most likely be shaken up, but remember never to panic. As a ride sharing passenger, you are clearly not at fault. They assure that you will be taken care of and you will be able to move on from this accident with no fault charged to you.

More importantly this group of Uber accident attorneys say you must fret not for Uber has a $1 Million policy that will kickstart  when an Uber driver has an accident while carrying a passenger in the vehicle. The suffering and trauma you have felt for being in the road crash can be compensated for through this policy.

The primary thing is to remember that this Uber policy exists, and you must also take advantage of it especially if you are hurt. To be able to use the policy and achieve its top most benefits, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with a lawyer right away. Don’t wait too long after the accident to make your move because time is of the essence.

It is critical to find a trusted personal injury lawyer like the West Coast Trial Lawyers, who have many years of experience handling cases such as yours. They provide you the wealth of knowledge of their team and their extensive judicial experience, so you can fight for what is right and get the fair compensation your deserve.

What to Do Immediately After the Accident

Immediately after your Uber crash, you will feel your adrenaline pumping. You may have this strong desire to panic, but try to keep as calm as possible. Check yourself for any possible injuries. If you feel any sharp pain, provided the car is safe, then don’t move and wait for medical assistance.

If you are feeling alright, then alight from the Uber car, so you can take an immediate survey of your surroundings. Again, presence of mind is the key to overcoming life’s emergencies. If you breakdown, you lose, so do keep your wits on. Here are some things to consider:

Make Sure Everyone is Okay

Check to make sure your driver is safe. As a citizen with a conscience, you also have to check if the other driver of other car is safe from harm. If there are serious issues, you have to call 911 to get EMT or emergency medical services team on the site instantly.

Call the Authorities

It is critical to call the authorities, whether it is a big or small accident. Most insurance companies will ask for a police report when you claim for damages. You may just be a passenger, but you will still need an official report so you can give this to your HR to excuse your absence from work. You will also need this in to benefit from the Uber Insurance policy. In case you are injured, this police report will also play a crucial role in your case.

Collect your Personal Belongings

Since the Uber car is not yours, you have to remember to secure all your personal belongings. If you have stuff in the trunk, don’t forget to take them out. You are responsible for keeping your stuff safe. Remember, the scene of an accident will soon be littered with a lot of people trying to document what happened. If you want to keep your belongings safe and secure, keep them next to you, especially the stuff with your wallet and personal documentation.

Take Photos

You now have a camera phone, which is the biggest repository of evidence at your disposal. Take as many pictures and videos as you can from all possible angles. This will give you the full picture of what happened later. The mind can be a bit tricky because it can forget things. Having these pics and videos in place will help refresh your memory if you need it. Your lawyer can also use these stuff later on to state your case.

Secure Everyone’s Information

If possible, write down the names, phone numbers, and plate numbers of all the parties involved. You may also need the name of the police officer writing the report. There is no shame in asking for these details, so come up with the list.

Talk to Possible Witnesses

As a passenger of the ride sharing vehicle, you may feel clueless about what happened. Unlike the driver who saw everything from behind the steering-wheel, you may only have a vague idea, which is totally normal. To keep you more informed, look and ask around the accident site for possible witnesses you can talk to. These third party people may be the key to helping you understand what actually happened and what the real score is behind the accident.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact your health and accident insurance company and tell them about your accident. It is written in your contract of carriage that you have to inform them about all your accidents. Do the right thing and keep them updated. Since you are not at fault because you’re just the passenger, you have nothing to worry about.

Put Your Thoughts to Paper

An personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles advises that you must jot down your thoughts immediately after the accident, especially when the details are still fresh on your mind. This method will help you remember everything that transpired later on. In order to be factual and accurate, then you must write down what happened right away. Doing so avoids any confusion and issues down the road.

Again, it must be reiterated that the most critical thing that you can do after an accident is to stay calm, though it may be really tempting to freak out. You need to think clearly and not succumb to those panicky thoughts, so you can protect yourself. As the ride sharing passenger, you only have yourself to rely on.

If you are hurt, have suffered from a loss in income, can’t sleep, feel anxious, and more after your ride sharing accident, get in touch with your trusted lawyer, like the West Coast Trial Lawyers, so they can help you fight for what’s fair and just. You never asked to be in an accident, so you must seek just compensation from people and the company who were responsible for your ride.  

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