What Size Room Can Hold a Queen-Size Bed? An Eye for Design

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Queen-size is an ideal mattress for two people, with each person getting approximately 30 inches to themselves. Therefore, if you are opting for a queen-size bed, it is essential to ensure that your room has the necessary space for other additional furniture as well. Well, don’t worry. We bring you a complete guide to help decide if your room can hold a queen-size bed. Keep reading. 

Queen-Size Measurements 

Generally, queen size bed is 60″ x 80″ while the height of the mattress depends on the type you have chosen. For instance, a standard mattress is about 7 to 14 inches tall, while a pillow-top can be up to 22 inches in height. The mattress you choose must be according to your comforts and requirements. Now, a queen size bed can be 5 by 7 feet. So, your room should be at least 10 by 10 square feet to fit your mattress and have room for other essential furniture such as a nightstand, a chair, and a desk. 

So, let’s start with the basics, where to put a nightstandIf you have space, you can opt for nightstands on either side of the bed; otherwise, make sure your nightstand goes on one side while you can place your desk and chair on the other side. 

Things That Goes Well With A Queen-Size Bed 


If you are looking to jazz up your place, but space is a constraint, then opt for some greenery to uplift the mood. Right from snake plant to orchid, you have a complete option for indoor plants. And they are not very expensive. 

2Floating Shelf 

Maybe you are a reader who has a ton of books or you own a mini-car collection. Well, it can become the center of attraction of your bedroom with the help of a floating shelf. It saves you space and give you the required storage space. 

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3A Single Seater 

If you have room for one, it is a great addition. Just imagine curling up on it while enjoying your favorite book? Sounds perfect, right? You can opt for a single-seater sofa or even a rocking chair according to your preference. 

4Fairy Lights 

It doesn’t take an space but can jazz up the room instantly. You can fasten it to your wall with the help of a tape. It is that easy. 

5Wall Art 

To make your space look more artsy, you can bring home wall art, such as paintings or framed quotes. It elevates your scene and makes the decor seem more modern. 

6Vintage Suitcases 

If you want more storage but think you don’t have the necessary space, then you can make use of vintage suitcases as they not only give out a rustic vibe, but they solve your storage issue as well. 

So, now you know if your room can hold a queen-size bed and what you can do to ensure your room becomes your haven. These were just a few ideas to help you out.