What Older Women Need to Know About Managing UTIs

Updated on August 27, 2023

They’re never fun. They always arrive at the wrong time. They are so painful to deal with. Why are women over the age of 50 dealing with this problem over and over again?  And, more importantly, why are so few doctors unable to help them?

The quick answer is that for one out of three older women, antibiotics are no longer effective against the E. Coli bacteria which are causing this infection.  Over the past two decades, this problem has been primarily caused by the casual overprescribing of antibiotics.  The “guilty” bacteria have learned how to hide in the bladder lining, protect themselves with biofilms which are antibiotic-resistant, mutate, and re-emerge to wreak havoc again once the latest course of antibiotics has been completed.

And the seriousness of this situation is higher among the elderly because, unlike most women, they do not have the obvious burning or urinary pressure symptoms which typically accompany a UTI, because their immune systems have been compromised.  A simple UTI which is not detected can quickly become a kidney infection, accompanied by a high fever and delirium (which many caregivers often mistake for dementia), sepsis and even death. 

Traditional urologists and gynecologists are frustrated at the high recurrence rates they are seeing in their patients, but offer nothing except antibiotics as a treatment.  Women are fed up with this unproductive cycle of pain, medication and disappointment.  So, they’ve started to take matters into their own hands.

Many women are at first skeptical when they hear that a dietary supplement is curing an infection, but once they find out how it works, they try it without hesitation. Through discussion groups and UTI forums over the past several years, they have started to share information about an all- natural supplement which is safe and effective in clearing up UTIs.  

D-Mannose has also been highly recommended by thousands of integrative and functional medicine doctors across the US for the past 10 years. 

Now there is a way for both older women and Caregivers for elderly women to manage UTIs from the comfort of their own at home.  Using test strips, they can monitor urine pH levels to determine if bacteria are present.  If the test is positive, they can flush the bacteria out of the bladder quickly with the D-Mannose powder mixed in water. 

Here’s what women are saying about this new way to deal with their UTIs:

« I have a background in holistic nutrition and I suffer from UTIs. This works!!!”- Rebecca W.

«My mother in law was getting UTIs all the time which made her have bouts of dementia. She was very bad. Now with D-mannose powder she is doing great. She hasn’t had a flare in 3 months. » – Sandra S.

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