What Is Wholesale CBD?

Updated on July 7, 2022

Unless you’ve been living on planet Mars these past few years, you’ll definitely have seen CBD somewhere. Whether you’ve noticed it in local health stores or seen adverts online, you’ll most likely have taken note of it and perhaps wondered what it was. You might even be well versed in CBD and starting to think about opening your own business that sells it. If so, you’ll need to take a look at wholesale CBD. Keep reading to find out more…  

What Is CBD?

Firstly, we need to discuss what CBD actually is. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD is said to have lots of different benefits on the mind and body too. For example, reducing symptoms of anxiety, alleviating pain, and helping you sleep better. You can also find CBD in lots of different forms such as oil, softgels, topical creams, and even gummies. With so much choice and lots of potential benefits, it’s easy to see why CBD has taken over the health and fitness community. CBD is said to have little to no negative side effects as well. The only ones reported so far have been a slight upset stomach if they take a dose that’s too strong. Studies into the benefits of CBD are still ongoing, but a lot of people do see positive results when taking it regularly.

What Does Wholesale CBD Mean?

Wholesale purchasing is what businesses do to allow them to buy their products from the wholesaler in bulk. Typically, when you buy more in bulk, it’s cheaper and it also costs a lot less than if you were to buy it from a retailer. This can allow you to purchase the highest quality CBD and not blow all of your business’s budget. Buying from a wholesaler will also ensure that what you’re buying is legitimate and should come with quality and safety certificates to prove its authenticity. This is needed because you want to be 100% certain that you’re only buying pure CBD with no THC. If THC is illegal in your country, you could land yourself in a lot of trouble if your CBD is found to contain it and you’ve been selling it. So, buying wholesale is beneficial for businesses as you can purchase what you need in bulk, and usually for a cheaper price. If you’re a new business looking to sell CBD, make sure you buy from a wholesaler, not a retailer. Retailers sell to the final consumer and increase the price to reflect this. 

Where Can I Buy Wholesale CBD?

Generally, you’ll find wholesale CBD in online stores, and this is the most common place you’ll purchase it from. There are some things to consider when purchasing wholesale CBD online though. You want to find wholesalers with relatively fast shipping times as you don’t want your business to be waiting weeks and weeks for its products. This could delay your sales, leading to further problems down the line. If you’re wanting to sell a range of CBD products, make sure you chose a wholesaler that can actually offer you this and for competitive prices. Shop around the different wholesalers out there and compare their prices so you can find the best quality for the best price. You might want to check out how they extract their CBD too. CO2 extraction is thought to be the best way to get clean, pure CBD and you only want the highest quality for your business. Try finding organic wholesalers too. This means that the growing of the cannabis plant was done so organically and free from chemicals and pesticides. You may also want to look into their farming practices as well. There has been a history of exploitation of hemp farmers in the past, so you may want to check that your wholesaler of choice farms CBD in a sustainable, humane way. 

Why Should I Buy Wholesale?

Buying CBD wholesale can be a brilliant way to stock up your business without spending too much money. As well as saving money, you can also be secure in the knowledge that you’re buying safe, high-quality CBD. Providing the best products you can, will also boost your reputation, so buying wholesale does much more than simply cutting down your expenses. CBD wholesalers are also experts in the field, so they’ll be able to provide you with professional, knowledgeable answers to any questions you may have.  

What Products Can I Buy Wholesale?

When it comes to buying CBD wholesale, you can find pretty much any product you’d see at retailers. There are so many different CBD products available, so you need to make the decision for your business as to which ones are right for you. If you’re catering to people with chronic pain, you might want to consider stocking up on wholesale CBD topical creams. These are the most popular choice of product amongst this customer base, so you want to give your business the best chance at success by offering what they need. Similarly, you may be focusing more on athletes and recovery using CBD. You could then look at wholesalers that do the same thing and purchase speciality CBD products designed for exercise and recovery. Focusing on your potential customers’ needs will enable you to purchase the right products for your business and cater to your chosen market. 

CBD is currently still extremely popular, so starting a business selling it could prove to be very lucrative. When starting a CBD business, stocking up will be extremely important and the best way to do this is via a wholesaler. By purchasing through them instead of a retailer, you’ll be able to benefit from bulk buying discounts, professional advice, and confirmation that you’re buying top-quality CBD. There are way more benefits to buying CBD wholesale, so be sure to do the right thing for your business and your customers by choosing this option. Once fully stocked with wholesale CBD, you’ll be on the right path to success for sure! 

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